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Can "Psychotherapist" Neil Brick Defend Himself?

This article is reprinted with permission from the author, Doug Mesner. The original is here:
In Defense of Neil Brick, Psychotherapist

The summons was packed into the mailbox of a previous address — two residencies ago, in fact — on a Wednesday afternoon. The hearing was to be on Monday. It was only happenstance that I found out that the organizer of S.M.A.R.T. (Stop Mind-control And Ritual-abuse Today), Neil Brick, was trying to sue me at all.

As the paperwork, aside from being grossly improperly served, was also dated a couple of weeks previous to its delivery, this seemed like a rather underhanded attempt to avoid my replying to the suit. When I eventually had the opportunity to read over the summons, I could see why this may have been the tactic.

The case was weak. In fact, it was non-existent.

“Defamation” was the claim, and many quotes of mine were pulled from internet sources in an attempt to support it. Even quotes that are not mine at all were included in the summons, though Brick and his lawyer apparently felt confident enough in their origin to attribute them to me. Among these quotes are comments that are no longer online at all! As for the quotes that were written by me… I stand by them, they are founded in fact, and they certainly don’t constitute defamation.

Ironically, this all stemmed from a report I wrote about one of Brick’s conferences where I heard him deliver a speech in which he encouraged vigorous debate with skeptics against his position. It was his own failure to successfully do just that which caused him to seek legal remediation — an injunction to prevent my writing my writing about him or his organization — instead.

Here’s how it went:
Having entered the hotel slightly after the opening speaker of S.M.A.R.T.’s twelfth annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations, and Mind-Control conference began, I was told by a large woman sitting behind the registration table that I would have to wait until I could be properly registered before entering. I took a seat just outside the open door of the conference room where I could observe the full proceedings within. Brick stood at the podium. As I described him later in my subsequent “defamatory” report, he is a “small man in his 50s with a greasy dark curly comb-over, large thick glasses, and a voice that sounds exacly like Elmer Fudd (without the impediment of pronouncing his Rs as Ws).”

He was delivering the opening remarks. He was wearing a button-up shirt at least two sizes too large for his diminutive frame. (This physical description is important when you consider his claim to have been a type of super-soldier for Black Ops military.) Reading directly from his notes in a mechanical word-by-word monotone, without once looking up, he emotionlessly railed against skeptics who have sought to discredit ritual abuse as well as the validity of “recovered memories”.

“There is overwhelming scientific evidence that recovered memory exists as a phenomenon”, he asserted. He began to quote at length from sources that agree with this position.

A belief in the historical accuracy of recovered memories, as I had already discerned from their website, is vital to S.M.A.R.T.’s belief in a conspiracy of satanic cults and government mind-control. The theory espoused by recovered memory proponents (and well known in popular culture), is that traumatic memories of abuse may be repressed – relegated to some dark corner of the mind – where they unfailingly metastasize into some type of chronic negative emotions, compulsions, confusion, even physical ailments. Preserved in high-definition, and unerring detail, these oppressive unconscious memories must be drawn out, retrieved, relived, confronted, and reconciled within the conscious mind, before the victim can lead a happy and productive life.

Almost all of the self-proclaimed victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse have recovered their memories of victimization while undergoing some type of psychotherapy. For the most part, these memories are the only type of “evidence” they attempt to present in support of the claim that such victimization ever occurred.

The process of digging for repressed traumatic memories through hypnosis or other techniques is most often employed in treatment of the diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), now re-labeled as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). Due to their almost total reliance upon recovered memory evidence, purveyors of satanic cult stories are often also defenders of the controversial multiple personality diagnosis, a condition that itself is dismissed by some psychiatrists and psychologists as a “behavioral artifact… generated by suggestion in vulnerable people.” (See below: Concerned Psychiatrists’ and Psychologists’ letter to the APA’s DSM-V Task Force.)

Critics of Recovered Memory Therapy point out that the act of digging for memories assumed to be repressed can have a subtly coercive effect on clients who – knowing what they are supposed to be “remembering” – are at least as prone to confabulating false memories as they are to recalling anything with historical accuracy. Given that such critics of recovered memory therapy often point directly to highly improbable claims of satanic cult abuse as evidence of false memories, it was no surprise that Neil Brick breezily dismissed skeptics as conspirators: “There is [...] a lot of evidence that those attacking the theory of recovered memory may have ulterior motives. For example, they may have been accused of child abuse crimes or may have been connected to mind control research in the past.”

Using “child abuse” interchangeably with “ritual abuse”, Brick attempted to further bolster a position that those who doubt the existence of an international brain-washing coven simply despise tykes: “The media turned on child abuse survivors in the early and mid 1990′s and began to in essence support those that has [sic] perpetrated crimes against children, believing unfounded stories about so called ‘miscarriages of justice.’ Due to the extreme nature of ritual abuse crimes and the psychological need for the public denial of these crimes, it became an easy sell to spin these crimes against children for the public to believe the misstatements about falsely accused perpetrators. After ritual abuse was discredited, then other child abuse crimes could be more easily discredited.”

There you have it. You’re either with Neil Brick, or you’re with the Satanists. You either believe every outrageous claim of demonic doings, or you’re part of the cover-up. At best, you’re simply in “denial”.

Suddenly, the woman at the registration table, who had also been watching Neil Brick through the open door, began to lightly sob. She grabbed a nearby tissue, dried her eyes, and blew her nose.

I stared uncomfortably down at the program in my hands. I came looking for the reasons, the so-called evidence that compels this continued belief in satanic cult crimes… of mind control… to see the self-proclaimed byproducts of the brutal puppet masters said to control the highest reaches of the world governments with an inhuman disdain for life and liberty. Instead – with scheduled lectures entitled “Dissociation and Time Management” and “The DID RA [Ritual Abuse] Family: An Attachment Perspective on a Forensic Relationship” – this conference appeared to be primarily adapted toward defending the DID diagnosis.

According to his biographical synopsis on the program, Neil Brick describes himself as a “survivor of alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse and MK-ULTRA [the CIA's covert mind-control and chemical interrogation project of 1950s - 60s]“. The disclaimer of the word “alleged” in his own biographical description is perplexing…

I mulled over this as Brick eventually concluded his labored lecture. What did it mean?

Brick came out to the registration table during the break following his presentation gripping a briefcase. He scrutinized me momentarily.

I checked out. Given the nod, my attendance was then officially approved.

I stationed myself anonymously in the second to last occupied row at the far left side of the room.

Never, it occurred to me, have I heard anybody describe oneself as an “alleged victim of a mugging”, nor would I expect one to tell me, “I was allegedly harassed by a drunkard last night”. Considering this, I wondered if perhaps Neil Brick himself is uncertain as to whether or not he was a victim of the CIA or Masonic abuse. In fact, despite a veneer of confident assurance that the satanic conspiracy is an unquestionable item of fact, the conference was rife with inconsistency and an undercurrent of doubt…

Anyway, it was the inconsistent, and wildly incredible, content of the conference that I focused on in my writing. And this was no mere point-and-laugh tactic for the amusement of those who cultivate an air of superiority with smug disbelief toward any outside notion. The conference wasn’t merely absurd, I saw it as harmful and exploitative to the attendees — many of whom seemed to imagine it as therapeutic — as well as some of the speakers… some of whom are unfortunately licensed therapists.

It is natural to laugh at absurdity. It would have been difficult to write about the sales booth within the conference room hawking electromagnetic transmission blocking hats without sounding humorous. But I was outright horrified when a 78 year-old woman, who referred to herself as Julaine, sat before the attendees — unable to stand for any extended time — to explain that she had suffered some type of negative diabetic reaction earlier that day, and that her rheumatoid arthritis was causing her no small amount of discomfort. She attributed both of these conditions to a conspiracy of evil. Rheumatoid arthritis and Satanic Ritual Abuse, Julaine posited, are “almost partners”.

Clearly, this woman needed real medical attention. To allow her to delude herself — or worse, actively feed her the delusion — that her ill health is a side-effect, and evidence of, satanic conspiracy is beyond irresponsible. Worse, these delusions have apparently encouraged the aged and infirm Julaine to sever ties with the family members who may have been most willing to help her now… You see, Julaine’s family, she believes, is a multi-generational satanic cult. “My sister thinks I’m bi-polar”, she explained. This, of course, is seen as mere denial. “She is lost”.

That Julaine is highly impressionable seemed apparent at the conference, but it was after the conference that this became quite clear.

I was perusing the website of another speaker, deJoly LaBrier, when I came across the transcripts of a lecture she had given at a much earlier S.M.A.R.T. gathering. In it, she told a familiar tale: “[My father] would draw a dot on the wall, and [my siblings and I] would stand at attention with our nose on the dot on the wall, until he told us that we could leave.”

I clearly remembered hearing the story at the conference I had attended, for it struck me as odd… Rotten though this nose-to-the-wall experience would be for any child, I couldn’t help but feel such punishments would be quite over-shadowed by the compulsory initiation into sadistic cult rituals and child prostitution that LaBrier claimed had also taken place… So much so that being made to stand in a fixed position felt rather unworthy of mention.

But it wasn’t LaBrier who told this tale at the 2009 conference. It was Julaine.

Had it occurred to Neil Brick (who is a licensed and practicing “Mental Health Counselor” in Massachusetts), or any other attending therapist, that Julaine may not in fact have been victim to “Moriah, Illuminati… whatever you want to call it” (as she referred to “Them” in her lecture), but rather an incredibly suggestible and vulnerable old woman who has difficulty distinguishing stories she has heard from her own autobiographical memory?

Apparently not.

To allow any such questions to encroach on any one of the delusive narratives told would cast doubt on them all… and they all had their own ludicrous tales to defend with nothing more than shallow assertions of recovered memory accuracy.

For this reason, not even the most impossible of claims were met with so much as a raised eye-brow or embarrassed cough. Nobody showed a hint of doubt when a speaker going by the name of “Royal”, at all of about forty years of age, stood before us to claim that she was a personal slave to nazi doctor Josef Mengele. “My experience with Mengele”, Royal explained in a lecture (the gist of which was that Satan uses abortion as a means of traumatic mind-control), “involved much of the trauma-based mind control involving core programming (such as End-Time programming) that is connected to the global take over. He used the Psychic/Spiritual dimensions using, what I have come to call ‘demonic harmonics’, which involves using musical tones and quantum physics to open up portals into the spiritual realms. I also have core programs set up that were created using abortions as a means to develop them and more.”

Despite all this, Neil Brick imagines that my use of the words “paranoid”, and “delusional” are vicious defamations. Further, in his affidavit attached to the summons, Neil Brick states: “His actions have caused me a loss in business, as it appears our conference attendance will be much lower this year due to attendees being afraid someone like him may infiltrate the conference again.” On this, as with everything else, the suggestion that I might even owe an apology is obscene. Take the consumer advocacy view: If I’ve shown the product to be faulty, I owe nothing in compensation for a loss in sales.

Following the publication of the report, Brick went all to pieces, leaving angry comments, penning a “rebuttal”. Oddly enough though, none of his objections confronted my outrage at the absurdity of the very conspiracy theory that underlies the entire narrative framework of the conference, and of S.M.A.R.T., itself. Though claiming I misrepresented the entire affair, he failed to explain how. He failed to answer any questions regarding his own experiences as an “alleged” victim of “Masonic Ritual Abuse and MK-ULTRA”. He failed to answer any questions directly aimed at elaboration upon his belief in a massive satanic conspiracy. He failed to confront any questions regarding the content of the conference to instead assert, again and again, supported with lists of journal article citations supporting the view, that recovered memories are a real phenomenon.

This made it incomprehensible that Neil Brick would actually ask to take this court, where he might have no choice but to face those very questions.

Interesting, I thought… Even if I weren’t being summoned, I’d want to watch this court-room comedy.

Alas, it was not to be. Whether they experienced a moment-of-clarity, or the whole thing had been a mis-guided and ineffective measure meant to spook me away, neither Neil Brick nor his lawyer actually showed up to the hearing. Neither did I, for that matter (as I wasn’t actually legally summoned). But my lawyer did.

The case, not surprisingly, was dismissed, but my lawyer was heard anyway. The Judge, I am told, was nonplussed by the Plaintiff’s actions.

I’m nonplussed, too. But there was, it turns out, one item in Neil Brick’s affidavit that, if true, moves me to outrage on his behalf. He claims that: “To the best of my knowledge, everyone in my field knows about [Douglas Mesner’s] attacks against me and many have avoided contact with me due to the fear that he will attack them also, as he has done to several already.”

If by “attack” he means “directly confront them with their own incredible narratives, question their defense of such narratives when told by others, while asking clarification on where the demarcation between recovered memories and delusions can be found (unless we are to unquestioningly accept all stories of satanic conspiracy, alien abduction, and past-life regression)”, then this fear is well-founded. But if these people, this “everyone”, within Brick’s “field” agree with his notions of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind-Control, and if they feel that this is a position that is evidence-based and rational, then my scrutiny should not be an object of fear. It should be welcomed, and the answers to any such questions should be forthcoming. If instead, they choose to distance themselves from Neil Brick only to conceal a position that is not supported by evidence, can not be justified by facts, only so that they may hide their delusions behind the professional veneer afforded to repressed memory theory by way of poor retrospective surveys and bad data… then they are a craven lot indeed, and would be fully deserving of Neil Brick’s scorn…

If only he’d acted any differently himself…

* * * * * * * * *

Concerned Psychiatrists and Psychologists Letter to the DSM-V Committee

A Group of Concerned Psychiatrists and Psychologists

c/o Dr. Paul McHugh, MD

Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry

Johns Hopkins University

April 11, 2009

Dr. David J. Kupfer, MD

Chair of DSM-V Committee,

Dr. Thomas Detre Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry

Professor of Neuroscience, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

5811 O’Hara Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15215

RE: Dissociative Identity Disorder and DSM-V

Dear Dr. Kupfer:

We are writing to you to express concern with respect to the continuation of Dissociative Identity Disorder as an approved diagnosis within the forthcoming DSM-V. We believe that the identification of Multiple Personality Disorder, and later its name change as Dissociative Identity Disorder, has been harmful to the good sense and reputation of psychiatry, not to mention the cause of grave ill-effects to large numbers of patients and their families. In the attached document we maintain that the diagnosis should be removed from DSM-V and we provide the basis for our request. If either the Task Force or Council is unable to agree on removing DID completely from the 5th Edition we suggest that at the very least it should be placed in Appendix B as an experimental criterion set requiring further investigation.



(Please see Appendix A)


To: DSM-V Task Force &

Work Group on Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum,

Posttraumatic & Dissociative Disorders

Statement on:

The need to remove Dissociative Identity Disorder from DSM-V or place it in Appendix B

The evidence supporting this diagnosis as a distinct mental disorder is modest whereas much suggests it to be a behavioral artifact equivalent in nature to pseudo-epilepsy generated by suggestion in vulnerable people. Its identification as a special, separate diagnostic entity in DSM has harmed the practice of psychiatry and undermined its scientific credibility. Although it is important for us to provide evidence to support these statements, we wish to avoid excessive detail, given that such evidence has been documented widely in the published literature.


The notion of dual personalities was founded upon cases of bipolar illness (1) and was followed by the idea of extra personalities. This expansion first occurred with the hypnotically-induced introduction of a second personality and the deliberate naming of those personalities as if they were separate entities (1).


Taylor and Martin (2) recognized a total of 76 cases occurring between 1816 and 1944—slightly more than one every two years; they thought a similar number might be unreported. In 1954 Thigpen and Cleckley (3) reported their case, which was published as “The Three Faces of Eve” in 1957. After a film was made of this case, the numbers of reported cases increased steadily; there was a further dramatic leap after the film of “Sybil”. By 1990 thousands of cases were being diagnosed; some authors identified more cases in their personal practices than had been described in the literature over an entire century.

Twentieth Century Suggestion

As is well known, Sybil, a patient of Dr. Cornelia Wilbur, was fully aware that her therapist wanted her to create extra personalities (4). In 1973, Dr. Wilbur gave tape recordings of Sybil’s interviews to Schreiber [the journalist who reported Sybil as a case of multiple personality disorder (5)]. Schreiber made the recordings available to Ronald Rieber, a professor of psychology, who amassed evidence showing that at least some of the personalities were artifacts overtly created in treatment (6).


Dissociative Identity Disorder is often alleged to result from repressing an experience of childhood sexual abuse. This claim has not received adequate scientific validation. For example, Piper and Merskey (7) reviewed all the studies that claimed to corroborate DID patients’ abuse recollections. These authors concluded that “no evidence supports the claim that DID patients as a group have actually experienced the traumas asserted by the disorder’s proponents” (7).

Proponents of the DID diagnosis assert that horrific, repeated childhood physical and sexual abuse is the primary cause of DID. Victims supposedly develop their multiple personalities as repositories for traumatic memories that the “host” personality is unable to tolerate consciously. The DID diagnosis thus relies on the concept of traumatic Dissociative Amnesia (DA or “repression”): the notion that the mind protects itself by banishing terrifying memories from awareness, rendering them inaccessible until the person feels psychologically safe to recall them, often years later. There is no convincing evidence that victims can become incapable of recalling genuinely traumatic experiences, as the trauma theory of DID requires (8). Indeed, an extensive survey of the historical literature, including both fictional and non-fictional written works in multiple languages, found no written example of “dissociative amnesia” prior to 1786 (9). Thus the notion of “repressing” a memory itself, like DID, appears to represent a recent culture-bound phenomenon, rather than a naturally occurring human psychological process.

In a comprehensive analysis of studies of people with documented trauma histories, not a single mention of spontaneous amnesia for the traumatic event was found—unless the forgetting was attributable to either organic amnesia or childhood amnesia (10). Finally, an examination of Freud’s original work gives reason to think that the evidence from psychoanalysis for repression is also very unsatisfactory (11, 12).

Harmful Effects

Due to the assumption that trauma is a primary etiological factor, the DID diagnosis has resulted in wrongful accusations of sexual abuse on the basis of recovered memories, not only in North America but throughout the developed world (references). DID has caused mockery of psychiatry, and, for patients, has led to misdiagnosis (13), mismanagement (14) and inadequate treatment of depression (15).

Lack of Consensus

Canadian and American psychiatrists show little consensus regarding the diagnostic status and scientific validity of DID. In surveys of board-certified psychiatrists in the United States (16) and Canada (17) fewer than one-third of Canadian psychiatrists and 35% of American psychiatrists replied that DA & DID should be included without reservations in the DSM-IV; fewer than 1 in 7 Canadian psychiatrists and only 21-23% of American psychiatrists replied that there was “strong evidence of validity” for these disorders. French- and English-speaking Canadians had similar opinions.


There are overwhelming reasons to question the validity of Dissociative Identity Disorder. We respectfully urge you as members of the Work Group and the Task Force to drop the category of dissociative disorders from the upcoming DSM-V: it is harmful to patients and their families, scientifically unjustified, and undermining the credibility of psychiatry.


Please see Appendix A.


1. Merskey, H. (1992a). The manufacture of personalities. The production of multiple personality disorder. Brit. J. Psychiat., 160:327-340.

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17. Lalonde, J.K., Hudson, J.I., Gigante, R.A. & Pope, H.G. Jr. (2001) Canadian and American psychiatrists’ attitudes toward Dissociative Disorders diagnoses. Can. J. Psychiat., 46(5): 407-412.

Appendix A

List of Signatories

1. Paul R. McHugh, M.D. Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University.

2. Harrison Pope, Jr., MD, MPH, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts; Director, Biological Psychiatry Laboratory, McLean Hospital, Belmont Massachusetts

3. James Hudson, MD, ScD, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts; Director, Biological Psychiatry Laboratory, McLean Hospital, Belmont Massachusetts

4. Elizabeth Loftus, PhD, Distinguished Professor, University of California-Irvine.

5. Richard J. McNally, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

6. Harold Merskey, FRCPsych., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

7. Joel Paris, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, McGill University, SMBD-Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec H3T1E4, Canada.

8. August Piper, M.D., Independent practice of psychiatry, Seattle, WA.

9. Numan Gharaibeh, MD (MB, BCh), Danbury, CT.

10. Pamela Freyd, Ph.D.

11. Eduard Vieta, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

12. Philip G. Janicak, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Rush University, Chicago, Il.

13. Gerald M. Rosen, Ph.D., Private practice, Seattle, Clinical Professor, University of Washington.

14. Steven Jay Lynn, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor, Binghamton University (SUNY) Binghamton, NY.

15. Sally Satel, MD, resident scholar American Enterprise Institute; staff psychiatry Oasis Clinic, Washington DC; lecturer, Yale University School of Medicine.

16. James M. Wood, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Texas at El Paso.

Anti-cult networks involved in slavery?

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Modern Inquisition

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

The Pardons of Meadow Haven show a benign face to the public, but their willingness to deceive anybody who follows a religious path different from their own is typical of the anti-cult vigilante jihadists. In their colleague's thread in the Rick Ross Institute, for example, there is no way to tell who the people hiding behind the nicknames are. Is Apollo really one of the Meadow Haven staff? No one reading that thread can tell who these people are, while they clearly misrepresent me and others by name, making repeated threats to our private lives.

These vigilantes hide online just as they do at night when they drive by a "compound" (which is the demonizing name for any house belonging to any extended family) and throw rocks through the windows. No, this is not something from the 1950's Ku Klux Klan wars in the deep South, this is from today, in Massachusetts, as one eye-witness describes:
As I watched the unthinkable horror of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon unfold, I found myself thinking back to the previous night’s much smaller, yet still significant terrorist attack on our home in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Rocks were thrown through our windows and our car tires were slashed. Of course, the two events were vastly different in magnitude, yet they were chillingly alike in essence.
It is a sad irony that in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the very village where our courageous Pilgrim forefathers established a beachhead for freedom of religion in the New World, self-appointed Inquisitor Bob Pardon is fueling the fires of animosity against us. We are not troubled that he disagrees with our understanding of the Bible; he is entitled to his own opinions. What is really troubling is that, in a country whose system of justice is founded on the principle that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty, Mr. Pardon aggressively portrays us as presumed guilty unless proven innocent. And really, no proof we might offer can stand in his courtroom since he holds his handful of disgruntled ex-members as more credible than the thousands of happy men, women, and children who daily love and care for one another in the communities of our Twelve Tribes.

Anyone who reads the horrific attacks on individuals in that Rick Ross thread must be scratching their head at the way a Catholic woman in Texas is thrown in with an alleged "McKay Cult" in Australia. Here is how it began: Robert and Judy Pardon's colleague Brian Birmingham invited me to travel up to Massachusetts to attend some Twelve Tribes meetings in a very bizarre chat that he initiated when he saw me ask questions in the Rick Ross forum. He wanted me to help him "infiltrate a cult". I refused. Thus, I became the enemy. I warned Rick Ross to put a stop to this, but apparently the financial entanglements between the Rick Ross Institute and Meadow Haven are so thick that Rick Ross's hands are tied if an organization like Meadow Haven wants to use his forum the same way Tony Soprano and his kinfolk use the back room of a shop in a New Jersey neighborhood.

I never heard of Meadow Haven until I was forced to take a close look at who is attacking me and an even closer look at how and why the Jesus-Christian group was being demonized with such completely false propaganda, the same as what happened to the Twelve Tribes, which is an Amish-like Christian sect with farms and restaurants as their means of support. Brian Birmingham apparently is not happy that their community continues to thrive in spite of Robert and Judy Pardon's efforts to destroy it. Robert Pardon is a specialist in demonizing entire groups of people, including the children, using tactics taken straight out of the old KKK manuals which themselves shared a great deal with Hitler. But those early fascists were crude compared to the Pardons, the Rick Rosses, and their ilk today.

Here is a short quote from the Twelve Tribes' own very detailed response to the devastating libel they suffered from the Pardons:
During the summer and fall of 1994, Bob Pardon and Judy Barba, of the New England Institute for Religious Research (NEIRR) visited several of our communities in New England, saying that they genuinely wanted to get to know us so that they could communicate accurately and fairly with those who look to them for information about unconventional religious groups. We welcomed them into our households, had many meals with them, answering their many questions as clearly as we were able. They said they were writing an extensive analysis of our communities based on their research......We were shocked by the contents of the 90-page document we received in December, 1995. It was so far from portraying the life we actually live and what we actually believe!

Was what the Pardons did to the Twelve Tribes just practice for when the jihadist vigilantes take on the Amish and the Mennonites, as well as the various Mormon groups all spread across North America? Is this the biggest greedy land grab since the Trail of Tears forced a different group of people out of their original land? What is really going on in America with this new wave of viscious nazi-like fascism?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rick A. Ross Institute Threatens Retaliation "Behind The Scenes"

 (Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

Dave McKay of the Jesus-Christians just posted a very astute summary of the hate campaign against me in his forum.

I will quote part of it below and certainly everyone is welcome to post comments here. I am particularly concerned that the stalkers in the Rick Ross forum have turned their attention to McKay's wife, who is not at all an outspoken person. Those people hiding behind their nicnames over in those two hate sites, completely facilitated by Rick A. Ross and by Nick and Kait (or Cait, she changes it) Crofts, feel above the law. The Crofts, who are in Australia where the McKays are being threatened by this gang, are not innocent and neither is Rick Ross, who is here in the USA where I am being threatened.

Here is a kink to Dave McKay's post:

There must be more than a hundred pages of hate written over the past few months specifically about Denise Matteau (on the two hate sites). Denise, a 57-year-old Catholic artist, frequently chats into a video camera in her little apartment in Austin, Texas, discussing such things as her budgies, her paintings, and her hobby of growing orchids. Like so many posts on Youtube, Facebook, and similar blogs, hardly anyone ever watches these videos.

However, because Denise has expressed anger against the tactics used on the hate sites that have targeted me personally, and because she has named some of the key players on those sites, she has become the object of a worldwide hate campaign, stretching from Scotland and Korea to Canada and Australia.

Rick Ross has gone into the hate thread that he lets Brian Birnmingham run and posted that Dave McKay has not committed any crimes. After over 500 pages of relentless criminal accusations! It appears Rick Ross is trying to distance himself from the predatory behavior of his Institute's members. But he is allowing Brian Birmingham to follow that disclaimer with more dehumanizing posts about McKay, including a posting of lyrics from a rock song, "Psycho Killer".   If Rick Ross is trying to imitate Pontius Pilate, I think the water in the bowl is too dirty for him to avoid responsibility for that gang.

Why on earth doesn't he delete all those pointless posts of pure hate and demonization and ban Birmingham from the board?  He has no reason to keep that thread up, except to feed a crew of predators. Ross stands to gain thousands of dollars each time his predators corner a target and successfully convince the target's family that a "cult" has stolen their son or daughter. The stalkers always manage to post or deliver some kind of reference to Ross's cult directory and collection of links to member "therapists".

It must be pretty lucrative to justify the risks he takes by supporting Birmingham and the other predators in that forum.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dave McKay Announces Return of Jesus-Christians

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

After a few weeks of lock-down Dave McKay, the founder of the Jesus-Christians opened the forum long enough to announce that he and Cherry McKay will continue to operate the Jesus-Christian website while others continue in new directions. The Jesus-Christians have had a wide range of music, documentary, and educational missions besides their personal witnessing activities. There has been a recent expansion in the film-production side with the release of longer and more professionally-produced documentaries about their teachings and practices.

Here is the announcement by Dave McKay that was posted in Announcements at their forum:

There has been much speculation over what is happening internally within the Jesus Christians at the moment. Most of this speculation has been an over-reaction. There have, indeed, been certain changes made which will enable each of us to function more freely as individuals, each with a distinctive ministry of our own. It is taking us some time to find our bearings in this new arrangement, as we are not all traveling the same path or marching to exactly the same tune. But there is unity... the kind of unity that counts most in the eyes of God.

One report is that the Jesus Christians have "disbanded". Some have chosen to use that term to describe what has happened. They are free to do so. However, I prefer to see it as a kind of "graduation". Cherry and I have been given responsibility for this web site, and we are still endeavouring to find the best way to deal with that responsibility. Others have taken control of other assets and will do with them what they feel is best.

Cherry and I wish all the best to those with whom we have worked for so many years. We feel fortunate to have been able to play a part in the spiritual journeys of those who have been touched by the message which we have preached. If we each keep our eyes on Jesus then what we are doing now will come to be seen as a greater show of unity than ever was possible in our former association.

One only can hope that the professional stalkers will leave the Mckays and the other Jesus-Christians or anyone who supports them alone, but it is not likely. All decent people are appalled at the virulent hatred that boils out of the stalkers in the hate sites. It has become obvious that fully disbanding according to the announcement that was emailed to many people directly from the forum admin would leave individuals vulnerable to abuse from the hate site. This blog will continue to address the Rick A. Ross Institute and the stalker-gang problem as it affects far too many independent religious groups and individuals.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stalkers In Search Of A Cult

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

Now that the Jesus-Christians have disbanded, Brian Birmingham and the other stalkers in the Rick Ross forum have decided on a campaign to convince themselves and others that there is a "Jonestown" in the making.

Realistically, this Jonestown stuff is pure hogwash and nothing more than a very serious libel promoted by Birmingham in order to justify his own criminal stalking behavior and attract more useful idiots to his scheme. The Jesus-Christians reached the point at which a cult might indeed "implode", which is the aging-out of their founder BUT at which any other group would either continue under new leadership OR disband. Since the Jesus-Christians never were a "cult" in the sense Birmingham means, they actually did both of the things HEALTHY groups do. They considered continuing on under the leadership of several of the senior members while the founder, Dave McKay, went into retirement. Then they disbanded. They had completely open-door discussions all the way through the process. The only thing they never announced was exactly when it would happen, as a security measure. The website remains up at because the books are not being burned and no one is hiding it from the public. You can still read the books online there and you can still go to Amazon and order them. Just like you can still buy copies of books written by Christians from anytime in the recent or ancient past.

Birmingham and his stalker gang relentlessly pursued and harassed every individual they could find, including people like myself who don't even support most of the Jesus-Christian theology or practice. So the group disbanded. Now Birmingham is desperately trying to persuade his criminal gang members to continue to stalk individuals, this is so obscenely criminal!

A lovely statement was sent to known friends of the group explaining that Jesus's teachings survive regardless of what each Jesus-Christian decides to do as a follower of Jesus. Friends who know each other remain in touch, of course. Why wouldn't we? That is what healthy groups do when their term of existence expires, for whatever reason. There are dozens of forums all around where we gather, among Quakers and Catholics, Seventh-Day "Sabbath Keepers" and Baptists, because the Jesus-Christians always were non-denominational in that sense. At least one is going into Zen Buddhism of some sort, too.

No "jonestown" oriented group would do such a thing. No "Jim Jones" style cult-leader would consider retiring. Dave Mckay took a lot of criticism for once having predicted "The Fall of America" (and what talk-show pundit hasn't done the same thing?) but unlike cult-leaders, who claim some higher truth about a debacle like that, McKay openly admitted his own error and embarrassment in discussions in the Jesus-Christian forum about the error of thinking we know what is going on as if we are prophets when in fact, we are just human beings guessing. What kind of cult leader would admit he screwed up that badly? McKay never tried to predict anything after that and he warned people off quoting the popular doomsday conspiracy-theorists with exactly that story as his example of the error. What kind of cult-leader would be that brutally honest about his own mistakes?

Birmingham and his active supporters are in fact under investigation for serial stalking. I look forward to the day I announce an arrest in this blog. Susan Smith Summers and Birmingham are at the top of the list with Wendy and Doug Duncan coming close behind for their activities in this country. (The Duncans are some quack therapists who used Birmingham in a attempted shake-down of a homeless shelter in Dallas, Texas a few years ago. Google "Dallas Cult" and their names and you'll see the story. Birmingham aka zeuzsor has their hate videos up in his Youtube channel. They lost that one and now they are partners with Rick Ross, using his forum to stalk members of several innocent groups. The Duncans have social work and therapists' licenses right now but they are likely to lose them because of their joint activities with Birmingham and the Rick A. Ross Institute, which is shunned by more ethical therapists.)

Who knows if the authorities will invest enough energy to also go after the Crofts and Kevin McKay's Australian part of the gang or Malcolm Wrest in Korea? But at least the ones who are active here in North America will face the consequences of what they have been doing to my family and others. What makes them think that when someone's relative gets a phone call from a creep like Brian Birmingham trying to pass himself off as a detective, that relative wouldn't call Birmingham's target up right away after telling Birmingham he has the wrong number? How stupid do they think we are? As stupid as himself and the equally psychotic Rick Ross? Stalking is not the only charge Birmingham will be facing when he is finally arrested. All kinds of impersonation and other charges may easily be added on, and his friends are accessories to the whole scheme.

Those who are not worth chasing down in the eyes of the authorities local to Birmingham and Ross may easily end up in international watch files kept by law enforcement agencies. I wonder how much thought Apollo, bigpigweed, Anita Walker and the others have given to that, as they continue playing this game? How many of them are just naive idiots and not delusional drunks like Susan Smith Summers appears to be? They obviously do not know that once police agencies notice an internet stalking ring, the authorities do not even need to notify the forum admins that all the traffic is being traced to residential addresses of all the people who are participating in Birmingham's data-stalking exchanges, and the email is traced, too.

Nothing online is truly private. That does not mean that abuse of such information is not stalking. Stalking is defined as a series of normally legal actions that add up to intimidation, harassment, and co-ercion or threat against a target. No warrant has to be shown by authorities to the sender of an email in such a case, only to the ISP handling the accounts, and all email is routed through a bare handful of internet junctions, making it very easy for authorities to serve the ISP's with warrants enabling examination of accounts if necessary. (That's one of the things that has Americans worried about the recent threats of our government to "shut down" the internet: they actually could shut down those junctions because those junctions were put there to enable government access to all traffic in the first place.)

Home computers have been subject to back-door searches without any need for the authorities to notify the subject for at least eight years. This is a topic that causes distress to people who value personal freedom precisely because the authorities really do have this capacity and they do use it. I am just pointng this out because I know Birmingham and his delusional cohorts don't care what happens to the useful idiots they entangle in their scheme, but I do care enough about those naive idiots to point it out. I am not interested in seeing relatively innocent people suffer. Birmingham will be arrested, and hopefully Rick Ross with him. Those two already know that they are engaged in criminal acts and nothing I am saying here will hinder any investigation.

The other useful-idiots who do not see why they are being fooled into believing Dave Mckay was another "Jim Jones" need to think about what they really are doing, attacking crazy old ladies and innocent young men and women who chose a path different from their own, and now extending their assaults beyond the disbanding of a group to hunt the individuals as if they are animals. Apollo and the others will not have even the flimsy "cult" excuse as a defense if they are charged as accessories to a whole series of prosecutions for stalking, attempted or actual extortion, threats and intimidation of individuals and our relatives and colleagues. All participants in those hate-sites are accessories to the money Birmingham and Ross are paid by frightened families and others who can also bring charges of extortion and harassment against them once they see the extent to which they have been deliberately deceived and their relationships manipulated.

Many people do indeed join small religious communities as a compensation for highly abusive families, too. Consider what you are doing when you try to force adults in their 30's to leave such communities and reconnect with their abusers. Only abusive families hire people like Rick Ross to stalk their adult children.

And how can Rick Ross explain that if indeed his worst accusations against Dave McKay were true, that McKay gets money from the donation of someone else's kidney?! Wouldn't there be an investigation of any surgeon or hospital that would co-operate with such a scheme? After all, Rick Ross is actually describing sale of organs, not donation, and third-party involvement, besides: very easily prosecuted as a very major crime if it were true. The Jesus-Christians, after all, are publicly visible in their music videos and missionary documentaries, both before and after any of them have donated an organ. Are we to believe there is no whistle-blowing nurse in such a huge crime as Rick Ross Institute has described in its libelous threads? How outrageously evil can the Birmingham/Ross stalker ring get, now that they have set things up so that no church group dares offer support to people in medical need if the felon Rick A. Ross and his mentally-ill cohorts are not made privy to all the arrangements!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rick Ross Institute, Croft Hate Site, & Legal Actions

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

One of the RRI activists, Susan Smith Summers, is posting in several places, including in Nick and Cait Crofts' anti-Jesus-Christian hate site, that there is "some kind of  legal action" against me, and that she has seen a copy of a "letter" that is apparently supposed to have me in a state of fear of some kind of drastic legal action being taken against me. Here's the quote, linked, (and I have the file saved should they edit it):

"There has been some form of action taken against little rose, Cait. Things like that can be long and drawn out and often it's a situation of giving people enough she carries on with her videos"
If such a letter exists, I have not received it.  My videos remain as they are.

I did once receive a letter from a person claiming to represent another subject of my journalism (unconnected to this, it was years ago) and the letter accused me of committing "liable".   It was not just a typo, the supposed lawyer had written the word that way all the way through the letter! *LOL* Somehow I suspect if any kind of letter exists, it is from the same kind of character. The subject of my statements in that case was thoroughly investigated  and sent packing by the people who were originally shocked at what I said was going on.  I'm not worried about Susan Smith Summer's letter, if it exists. What I have said in this blog ain't libel 'cuz it's true and especially since it is indeed newsworthy. What these vigilantes are getting away with in terms of harassing and intimidating individual Christians and their families, and with tax-exempt status besides, is indeed newsworthy.

None of Susan Smith Summers' posts nor any of her echoing cohorts' make any allegations of any actionable statements by me of any kind of falsehood. Her posts are filled with libelous insults about my mental state, lifestyle etc, and strange fabrications , but they do not describe any charges or claims that could justify any kind of legal action. She does not even give the supposed legal action a name. I consider it a fabrication like all her other postings. (One of her strangest fabrications is the recurrent claim that  I had a dispute with Tupperware company. I never was a Tupperware seller, I never even had a Tupperware party. It is embarrassing to think a grown adult can even post such nonsense. But what amazes me is the hysterical alarmist tone this Susan Smith Summers and her cohorts are able to get into these fabrications. She and her cohorts are true masters of the art of emotional propaganda.) If Susan Smith Summers has a copy of a letter about me, then it would have to be a letter that she or someone close to her has written.  If Rick Ross himself were challenging any of my statements in these videos with a libel suit, he would not have any reason  to send Susan Smith Summers a copy of his correspondence unless she were paying him for it or it involved services for which he is paying her. Ross knows he can't bring legal charges against anyone for any of the things I've said about him because those statements are all true and also newsworthy. It is always newsworthy when the vigilantes are trying to manipulate the public into accepting a new Branch Davidian-style tragedy.

Susan Smith Summers has been rumored to have paid Brian Birmingham for his research that he does as part of his work at Rick Ross Institute and she herself has bragged of the money she spends on lawyers in her strange career as an anticult activist.

It is possible that Susan Smith Summers or the Rick Ross Institute has involved some hapless relative of mine in an attempt at an intervention stunt, or convinced someone to pose as an interested party. Susan Smith Summers herself was trying to pose as a personal friend of mine when I first discovered her existence thorugh her posts and she was trying to round up a group of "helpers" in what she hoped would be an "intervention" to rescue me from contact with the Jesus-Christians.  That is what she and the other activists openly discussed in their forums shortly after I refused to co-operate with them. They have a history of involving relatives of targetted victims in signing papers that could approve "interventions" and they will resort to fabricating false relationships if no relative is willing to help them.  Generally, this type of extortionist will find members of a family who have some kind of dispute and then convince one party in the dispute that it can get some kind of benefit from incarcerating or disabling the target. The sole benefit might be to be left alone by the extortion ring.  But there is no dispute in my family, there is no contested estate, and there are 2,000 miles and many years separating us, and certainly none of my relatives have any interest in paying Rick Ross Institute or any of its vigilantes any fees or donations. I must admit I am awful curious to see what kind of "intervention" claim can be dug out of such cold ground, if that is what the phantom letter is all about.

One thing Susan Smith Summers seems to think is a criminal act is when I say "Come on down to Texas and make my day!", as Clint Eastwood might say. *LOL*

Lots of things make my day. Seeing someone like her get arrested and tossed into a Texas jail for filing false legal complaints is one thing that certainly would make my day. Texas is not like a lot of other states. I don't know what Canada or New Jersey are like, but in Texas they look at false or malicious complaints as crimes in and of themselves and they won't even require the subject of such a complaint to file a civil defamation suit. Texas authorities consider it a crime against them, a theft of their time and resources and a besmirching of their integrity if you attempt to use them as a weapon against an innocent person. If they see an obviously falsified complaint before even delivering said "legal letter" (if one exists and is to be delivered by constable) they may be working on charges against the perpetrators without even notifying me.

So, Susan Smith Summers, Brian Birmingham, Nick and Cait Croft, Rick Ross Institute, make my day!  I just looooove Texas! *LOL*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RRI Maintains Vigilante Hate Team In Spite Of JC's Disbanding

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

Just in case you think I exagerate about the predatory stalking activity of Rick Ross and his associates, especially Brian Birmingham, please note this quote from today's postings (Nov. 10th) by Brian Birmingham as "zeuzsor" in the RRI forum:

"We might have to organize a "spot a 'disbanded' JC member" competition!"

And this, from October 22, 2010:

"The whole point of collecting information on who is who in term of participants on this thread, is because there are potential witnesses to alleged crimes committed by the cult. Also X-members were obviously a part of JC history. It is important for certain agencies to get a background of the group's history and know who is who, and whether they still support or don't support the JC. Also, how they might be contacted. When you look at an organized crime investigation, you include all known associates. It is standard practice. Things like birthdates are just standard identifiers.

This isn't Facebook, and I don't do this for "fun." I am trying to help stop McKay from hurting more kids and their families, and it's not just some hobby to me, either."

Brian Birmingham is right. This is not some hobby to him. It is a sick obsession. He makes it very clear that innocent people who stumble across the RRI forum in google etc are subjected to unauthorized and unprofessional "background checks" by him and his fellow fake investigators. All such participants then are subjected to varying degrees of offers they had better not refuse. I was one such, and my background in curriculum design and as a consultant to a professional police educational group in Massachusetts became visible to RRI. When I refused to donate my services to their extortion ring, Brian Birmingham threatened me with the obitiuary of a murder victim named Immette St Gullen.

A Digression

Immette was a high school student at one of the workshops taught by one of my colleagues in the police group before she decided to major in Criminal Justice. I was a civilian consultant in curriculum standards, but my colleague, the late Capt. Tom White, was a much-loved and admired activist in the criminal cult investigation field. He was trained and certified by the Massachusetts State Police to specialize in animal torture scene analysis and some of those scenes spilled over to child-abuse cases. My work with Capt. White involved analyzing the purpose of some extremely distressing activities. It was not public. Whatever public acclaim was awarded, was awarded to the various lawyers and prosecutors who presented Capt. White's material in their cases. And they won some significant cases with that material.

Brian Birmingham was in Boston, he was (and is) a student at UMass, and he began stalking me and was also stalking my daughter on behalf of the Rick Ross Institute this past summer, insisting that I should help him with his team of vigilantes who were focussed on the Jesus-Christians. He threatened me with that obituary showing that he knew about Capt. White's work and my connection to it.

The Investigators, Extortionists

Brian Birmingham was kicked out of the army while in Iraq for mental issues, he has NO law-enforcement or criminal justice backing, and he has bragged of illegally accessing Macleans' Hospital records to find out that a targetted individual was a patient. Brian Birmingham is a criminal stalker, a predator, and a major player in the Rick Ross Institute's extortion business. He was involved with Wendy and Doug Duncan in their anti-cult shakedown of a Dallas homeless shelter, about which they wrote a book ("I Can't Hear God Anymore",  ) claiming that the refusal of a minister to perform their wedding ceremony was proof of cult mind-control and caused severe mental trauma. (really!) Birmingham partnered with the Rick Ross assaults on that shelter simultaneously with his involvement in the assaults on the Jesus-Christians, of which he was never a member.

The Duncans also hunt down and harass members of groups they see as good prospects for providing them with "deprogramming" clients, people who are bullied and coerced into accepting unprofessional and highly biased "therapy" and paying for it. As supported members of the Rick Ross Institute, they are heavily entangled in the entire RRI religious extortion racket. They keep their activities to a separate thread from the Jesus-Christians. They are busy setting precedents for treating habitual readers of online spiritual channelings as "cult victims" in need of their fee-based intervention services. Like Birmingham, the Duncans spend their time in their thread (the one in RRI that attacks "Trumpet Call Online") grooming stalkers, gathering information about past girlfriends, encouraging ex-spouses to obsess and stalk the Duncan's targets, often with implied promises that the alleged "cult" is hiding money that they can get hold of, if "justice" prevails!

Back to the Jesus-Christians

There are few places to communicate about what is really going on with the Jesus-Christians and those others who attack them. There is a large grey area of external friendship and friendly criticism which seems to have been shoved off the field with the closing of the Jesus-Christians' own forum. In spite of the obvious partisanship of the administrators of that forum, they did allow a wide range of discussion, questioning, and criticism to go on.

One of the most constricting factors in any discussion of the Jesus-Christians is the need to avoid saying anything as constructive criticism of the Jesus-Christians because of the way the predators in RRI  and the Croft hate-site would exagerate and twist the remarks all out of proportion, attaching them to legal names that are searchable by google, thus libeling both speaker and subject. Thus Rick Ross enhances the cult-like tendency to isolate, which is how he murdered all those people in Waco. Yes, I say Rick A. Ross murdered the Branch Davidians himself, because he deliberately shoved them into exactly the same kind of isolation and public fear he has tried to cultivate around the Jesus-Christians. In this case, however, I believe all were prepared to avoid the kind of death scene that gives Brian Birmingham and Rick Ross such thrills.

Professional Psychopaths

It is a symptom of their own mental illness, both of those men, that they cannot imagine a group of people who have worked together continuing any kind of useful life as individuals, remaining friendly and supportive to each other in their private off-line lives. Some of them may be returning to the world of 9-5 jobs while others may continue their evangelism or may be joining new communities. Can you imagine if you faced a criminal ring of outsiders who would try to force you to defame your former co-workers of any job you did, as an office worker or a nurse or a tradesman? If upon retirement you would be prevented from sharing any leisuretime with your old colleagues, or in the event of being laid-off, you were required to attack instead of help your fellow unemployed?  It is really no one's business to be threatening any of the Jesus-Christians with stalking, harassment, and intimidation.

RRI targets those who would like to recognize the Jesus Christians' humanity, accepting the same flaws we all share while supporting the perfect dreams we all pursue. RRI denies human status to the Jesus-Christians and any sympathetic observers. But wait, isn't it the mark of a dangerous cult that it reserves for itself alone the right to define who is human and who is not? And what about Cait Croft and Nick Croft, who willingly support and participate in the criminal stalking and intimidation of innocent people who have done no one any harm, some of whom have never even been Jesus Christians?  Isn';t it incredible that a woman like Cait Croft would become a predator, hunting and collecting personal information on strangers in order to utterly disrupt and ruin their lives? 

Isn't it only destructive cults who do that and who control relationships the way Brian Birmingham and his stalker cohorts in RRI do? Cait does not seem to care that she is posting in a criminal ring that thrives on violence when she is posting in RRI.  Everyone who posts in the RRI forum needs to start thinking about how dangerous those people are, along with their obsessed and psychotic supporters like Susan Smith Summers, who has taken to referring to the twenty-fivish young leader of the Jesus-Christian community (such as it was) as "BOY"! Now what white North American does not see the significant level of racist vicious hate the RRI cult is engaging in, when they start attacking an African-American man with that word?

Cait Croft is openly supporting a man who posts about his drug and drinking abuse. He invites people to use "ganja" and he brags about drinking "Four Loko" to the point of passing out while obsessing on continuous re-plays of videos he has made of Dave McKay, in which he fantasizes about the man!

Cait Croft attempts to disploay herself as a concerned parent, but look at what she is partnered with!  It is sickening, truly sickening that these people are able to deswtroy so many lives. There are actually close to two dozen innocent and decent people living in hiding because of Cait and Nick Croft and the criminal gang they partner with, under Rick Ross's management. It is obvious that both Brian Birmingham and Susan Smith Summers are heavily alcoholic and drug abusing people when reading the posts they leave in the middle of the night, sometimes so drunk that among the strings of expletives they  talk about the person they are attempting to impersonate, forgetting that they are using a profile to impersonate someone else. 

I'd like to point out to anyone reading that I leave the comments open here. I will of course delete trollish posts, but open honest discussion including honest criticism is welcome here. If anyone sees extreme troll posts, please just ignore them or flag them instead of responding. I check a few times a day and I'd rather take the chance of a troll staying up for an hour or two than require pre-approval of posts.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Old Australian Article About The RRI Hate Cult, Threats To Religious Freedom

New Dawn #21, Sep/Oct 1993, p11-12

US Deprogrammer On Kidnap Charge, While "Cult Busters" Organise Here

Rick Ross, self-confessed "cult deprogrammer" and ATF advisor in the Waco holocaust has been charged, in the United States, with the 1991 abduction of a Christian teenage boy.

Ross and his accomplices, Mark Workman and Charles Simpson, were charged in July with unlawful imprisonment in the abduction of Jason Scott. If convicted they face a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison. The charges against the three were the most recent in a string of legal actions brought against deprogrammers by U.S. law enforcement officials.
According to police reports, Ross, of Phoenix, Arizona, and his accomplices violently abducted the teenager from the Seattle suburb of Kirkland on January 18, 1991, handcuffed and gagged him and drove him to Ocean Shores and held him prisoner to 'deprogram' him from his Church. Scott is involved with the Life Tabernacle Church, a Pentecostal Christian fellowship.
Deprogramming is a form of brainwashing which uses kidnapping, forcible restraint, assault, battery and even rape in an effort to get an individual to recant his or her chosen beliefs.
During the abduction, according to a police report, the victim was bound and gagged with heavy-duty tape and handcuffed so tightly his wrists became bruised and swollen, and an ankle restraint was attached to him so he could not walk.
Scott stated that Ross "ridiculed me about me Church, my pastor, our worship ... the Bible, our salvation, our baptism ... me and my self worth. He degraded me ... and tore apart everything that I was and stood for." Scott also said that for 10 to 14 hours a day the men used videotapes and insults until he broke down and cried.
Scott escaped after five days because he pretended to go along with the deprogrammers. In his statement to Ocean Shore police, he told of being threatened by Ross, who said, "If you give me trouble I'll cuff you to the bed frame." Scott said that for four days he did not leave the room where he was imprisoned.

Ross's Psychiatric & Criminal Records

Ross's background of personality disorder and crime is extensively documented in court and psychiatric reports.
His arrest record stretches back to 1975, when he was convicted of grand theft embezzlement for stealing $100,000 worth of diamonds from a Phoenix department store. He was on probation at the time for an attempted break-in.
At his sentencing his own lawyer pointed out Ross's "record of anti-social, criminal conduct, and even his earlier failure at probation" and cited his "clear background of serious psychological and emotional problems," which were detailed in the public court documents.
Ross was seen regularly by psychiatrists and counsellor from the age of six. At the age of 10, he was put on the psychiatric drugs Deaner and Librium.
Between August and November 1975, he was examined by psychiatrist Thomas P. O'Brien. O'Brien's report stated that Ross "has a tremendous capacity to deny the seriousness of problems which he faces ... in his second jailing, he eventually made quite a serious suicide attempt ... When he is thrown on his own resources and opportunism is unavailable, and crying foul produces no changes, his own lack of self-worth and sense of emptiness overwhelm him and a near suicide resulted."
Ross's medical condition was evaluated by Dr Domiciano E. Santos of the Arizona State Hospital after 15 psychiatric interviews in late 1975. Dr. Santos stated that "Ricky has a personality disturbance which started even as a child. He does not seem to profit from his past experiences and cannot realize that he has a responsibility to society to control his behaviour ... He does not seem to identify himself with society and its laws, and believes that punishments are an injustice."
Several years later, Ross became involved with the notorious Cult Awareness Network (CAN), after a "radical Bible-based group" began operating at the Arizona nursing home where his grandmother lived.
Ross, who freely admits having carried out as many as 300 deprogrammings since 1982, mainly against Christian denominations, is known to charge up to $20,000 for a single kidnapping and "exit counselling" session.
His victims have routinely been held hostage against their will and brutally intimidated in attempts to force them to recant their chosen religious beliefs.
Despite Ross' past and present criminal activities, members of the Cult Awareness Network continue to praise him. CAN's national executive director, Cynthia Kisser, has described him as "among the half dozen best deprogrammers in the country."
"Rick has cooperated extensively with the national office of this organization," said Reg Alev, a director of one of CAN's affiliates. "We recommend him highly."
The head of CAN's Los Angeles affiliate lauded him. "Rick has helped me with all kinds of questions, situations and problems," she said.
CAN is currently under scrutiny by the FBI and federal prosecutors, stemming from the conviction and jailing in May of another of its deprogrammers, Galen Kelly.

Australia's CAN

Brisbane housewife and professional "cult buster", Jan Groenveld, boasts of her association with Rick Ross's buddies in the Cult Awareness Network. Back in her May 1991 newsletter, Groenveld waxed lyrical about CAN's organisational ability, stating:
"After attending the Cult Awareness Network convention in the USA last year I could see the benefit of having a co-operation between the Christian, Jewish and secular community here in dealing with the cults and occult. I have since been contacted by the Jewish community with that in view. The secular community (medical and legal) are also interested in helping."
One of Mrs Groenveld's fellow "cult busters", Melbourne private investigator David Lentin, admitted in an interview with New Idea, "We have to resort to kidnapping to get people out. And it is a very long and difficult process to deprogram them."
Another "cult expert" is Dr. Rachel Kohn of Sydney University's School of Studies in Religion and producer of ABC Radio National's religion program.
According to the newsletter Christian Jewish Scene, "Dr. Kohn's interest in the interaction between social, political and religious issues extends beyond the academic arena. She was among the pioneers who established the Anti-Defamation Unit within the Jewish community organisation B'nai B'rith."
The Anti-Defamation Commission of B'nai B'rith (ADC) is connected to the U.S. based Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL). A recently released special report titled Is The Anti-Defamation Commission Spying On You says, "The ADC in Australia is modelled on, and closely linked to, the US's Anti-Defamation League, which is now facing criminal prosecution on 48 felony counts, including illegal access to police computers, spying and theft."
The New York newspaper Village Voice has called the ADL's criminal spying "a massive violation of civil liberties," and has termed the ADL the "Jewish thought police." While former U.S. congressman Paul McCloskey has initiated legal action against the ADL for domestic spying activities against private citizens.
The Anti-Defamation League has a long history of working closely with the Cult Awareness Network. Both the ADL and CAN co-operated in providing U.S. authorities with sensational and distorted intelligence gathered on the Branch Davidians. This disinformation ultimately prompted the murderous assault on the Waco religious community.

Cult Aware

No doubt, with the help of her new found friends, Mrs Groenveld went on to found the "Cult Awareness & Information Centre - Australia". Currently she is organising a week-long conference on "cult busting" at Queensland University from September 22.
Main speaker at the conference is American psychologist, Steven Hassan, who like Rick Ross, is a deprogrammer active with the Cult Awareness Network. Hassan is the author of one of CAN's central texts, Combating Cult Mind Control.
Other speakers will include Australian "cult experts" and "exit counsellors".
In conference promotional literature, Mrs Groenveld states that psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, lawyers, Barristers, media representatives and medical practitioners are just a few of the people who can "benefit" from the get-together with professional deprogrammer Steven Hassan.
The Brisbane conference is a public relations exercise designed to firmly establish "Cult Aware" networks in Australia. Part of a carefully planned strategy to indoctrinate government agencies, the media, church leaders, community workers and opinion makers with disinformation about alternative religious movements.
Freedom of religion is under threat in Australia. Unless action is taken to expose this anti-religion movement, Australia will see an increase in vicious deprogrammings and assaults on minority religious groups. We cannot allow Australia's "cult busters" to unleash an army of Rick Ross hate criminals on peaceful, law abiding citizens.

Link to original:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jesus-Christians Have Disbanded

We received a notice today. The notice said:

The Jesus Christians have officially disbanded...These are dangerous times, and only those who are ready to "count the cost" and pay the price are going to survive spiritually. Lukewarmness is not enough. If you have a Bible, please read what Jesus said to the multitudes who came to him in Luke 14: 25-35...
...But don't let anything stop you from practicing the teachings of Jesus right now. Jesus said that anyone who hears his teachings and does not obey them is like a foolish person building their house on the sand. He said the way that leads to life is narrow and very few will find it. Pray that you may be one of those few.

Freedom is still sacred, and this blog wishes the best of God's graces to all the Jesus-Christians as they go their separate ways. We, here, in this blog, will continue to hold the line against terrorist vigilantes and their intrusions into the free private lives of all souls.

Here is the Biblical reference given in their plain-spoken farewell note:

Now great multitudes approached Him; and He turned and said to them, "If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters and yes, even his own life, he canot be My disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple. For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, 'This man began to build, and was not able to finish.' Or what king, going to encounter another king in war, will not sit down first and take counsel wheter he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand? And if not, while the other is yet a great way off, he senda an embassy and asks terms of peace. So, therefore, whoever of you does not renounce all that he has canot be My disciple.

"Salt is good, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is fit neither for the land nor the dunghill; men throw it away. He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Racing In Spite Of Injuries

by Denise Matteau

Reinhard Zeuner, a long-time member of the Jesus-Christians, competed in a Kentucky charity race in 2006, in which he came in 295th out of a field of 515 runners. The race was to benefit Organ Donation Awareness, and organ donation is a special charity of the Jesus-Christians. Zeuner had been beaten almost to death not long before being able to compete in this race, and so his ability to rise to the challenge deserves special recognition.

Besides being kicked in various parts of his body including his head and face by several enraged young men in Long Beach, California, Zeuner has had to endure the continuous stalking presence of agents of the Rick Ross Institute, whose anti-cult propaganda contributed greatly to the emotional pressure on the attackers. The attackers beleived Zeuner to be part of a 30-member cult that steals kidneys, so one can only wonder what the propagandists would have told them about the thousands of people gathering in Kentucky every year for the US Transplant Games! Even today, in 2010, the Rick Ross Institute (RRI) posts what look like stalking notices in its forum, to alert all and sundry to its file on Zeuner's personal activities. Apparently, RRI is disappointed that Zeuner was able to rally and represent his team in the race.

Some of us couch potatoes might think it was an impossible athletic feat for a beating victim to be in a race, but looking at the video of that very event, 2006, you can see that this was not limited to athletes of Schwarzenegger-like prowess. Zeuner made it to the middle range among a field of surgery survivors and others who are not out to break Olympic records.

RRI's continuing insults to this brave man are an insult to all humanity. Here is the entry by RRI activist Brian Birmingham in today's thread, five years later:,10965,page=476

It appears on the available evidence that Rheinard was assaulted and suffered serious injuries as a result of that assault. It is known that he was in hospital in May.

However, thankfully, as was accurately reported, he was sufficiently well enough to be entered in a 5km race in Kentucky in June. I use the word entered, to avoid any semantic issues over, run, walk briskly or walk. He was 295 out of 511 competitors. I use the word, thankfully, because I know of anyone on this forum that wishes Rheinard or any member of the Jesus Christians physical harm.

No one to my knowledge has defended the assault or claimed that Rheinard had it coming. Nor that he exaggerated his injuries or was faking. However, the public may have been under the impression, in the absence of any information to the contrary, that Rheinard was still incapacitated in June.

I was certainly happy to see a smiling, healthy looking Rheinard sitting with the rest of the team in Kentucky and glad that he was out of Hospital.

This quote from a man who has posted hundreds, yes hundreds of pages of hate about the Jesus-Christians looks extremely sarcastic to me and it is followed up by a few posts from Agur aka Sisi aka Verity Evangelene in the same thread:
It must make the Jesus Christians so glad that the injuries were less serious than once thought.
I wonder if the insurance company that paid out feels relieved too?
I wonder if the insurance company was aware of the race?
Now I would never deny anyone medical care but I am curious who paid the medical bills?

Does Agur think that Zeuner would have healed if he had NOT received expensive necessary medical care? In fact, he would have most likely died!
(Note: in my opening thread, "About This Blog", I describe this same person quoted, Agur, attacking me in another hate site because she discovered I once suffered a broken shoulder and asked the people responsible for the accident to pay the emergencvy room bill. My shoulder had a z-shaped full break in the ball joint and the doctor said it required a pin. Why does the RRI have these agents like Agur hiding behind nicnames while they randomly attack people based on whatever bits of gossip they can attach to our unhidden names and honest, open lives? I am not a Jesus-Christian, BTW and I do not personally believe in organ donation because my own religious beliefs prohibit transplant surgery, but that beside the point.)

Why is the Rick Ross Institute dredging up this five-year-old beating in its forum today and complaining about the fact that the victim survived well enough to compete in a charity race later that year? Why does RRI not recognize that the brain injuries suffered in the beating might not have affected the ability to race, even if many other life activities are still seriously affected? Very simple: the family involved in attacking the Jesus-Christian are presently involved in reconciliation and forgiveness, openly talking through their fears and resentments with the Jesus-Christians who also have their share of fear and resentment.

Here is a recent quotes from their dialogue with their son, who is a Jesus Christian:

Hi Son,
This is Dad again. I hope you are doing well.

Thank you for acknowledging that I am sincere in my responses to you. As I stated before this is not the proper arena to hold these sensitive discussions. We were embroiled in legal defenses for over 4 years. I was advised at that time not to discuss these matters. However, I have attempted to reconcile our differences against the advice of my lawyers.

The court process is exasperating and I wouldn't wish that process on my worst enemies. I have certainly learned my lesson. I can guarantee you that I will not attempt to harm anyone in your group. You are fully grown and your days of high school have long been over. I'm older now and a lot wiser.

There was a lot of misinformation about your group and the choices you made. The most important lesson I have learned is not to use physical strength to resolve conflicts. I realize it's okay to get angry but you have to keep control of your emotions.

I have never attempted to murder anyone. I may have fought but never with the intention of murder. I don't even remember actually kicking Reinhard. This incident has been tried in the criminal court, civil courts, and even in your own court. Time is valuable and we can't spend the rest of our lives defending the past.

I have accepted that you are a Jesus Christian and I am not trying to change that. The main objection I have is that you no longer have a personal relationship with your mother or I.

Let's move beyond fights and turmoil! There are so many positive things that we both have been experiencing and I would like to hear us share those things.
This is not the correct place to explain everything that happened.
It is very late here and I will have to close for now.
Love Always,

It may seem strange that the family is carrying on a public discussion with their son in the Jesus-Christian forum, but consider what they all would face from the army of libelous hate-stalkers that are coming out of the Rick Ross Institute if they tried to have private discussions after having lived through all the court cases related to the beating. No one would survive a campaign of character assasination and libelous propaganda like what Rick Ross is famous for promoting through gullible news outlets. RRI considers both sides the enemy now, because they are working together without paying fees and allowing themselves to be used as more anti-cult fear-fodder. Rick Ross Institute cannot easily continue attacking the Jesus Christians if an entire family that once believed the RRI's lies about them is now willing to meet with the J-C's on peaceful and perhaps even friendly terms, and RRI can't spin the conflict with lies as long as it is out in the open. Christians on both sides of a conflict can put something as ugly as the beating of Zeuner behind them and do it openly, letting their characters show in the process, warts and all. The Rick Ross Institute, which seeks to profit from promoting the kind of fear that leads to such violence, is now libeling all parties in its own collective rage at the possibility of Christian reconciliation.

Here is the actual beating that Zeuner survived:

Monday, October 25, 2010

About This Blog

by Denise Matteau

My name is Denise Matteau. If you google it, you might  find an increasingly bizarre set of references that appear to be related to me. You will also find lots of geneologies going back to various French roots of many Denise Matteaus, but the increasing number of forum profiles who are posting my name in entries full of bizarrely hateful attributions and allegations is why I am opening this blog. Whatever is out there, is out there. This is me, under my own name, and featuring my own face in my own videos.

I live in Texas. I am an artist. I am a Catholic. Any questions? Here I am. Ask.

I'm putting related videos, links and other material in the side-bar for you to peruse. Let me know if you have anything to add.

I have become a target of the Rick Ross Institute, (RRI) a notorious American organization founded by an activist named Rick A. Ross. His epynominous Institute is nothing more than a cover for a network of hate-motivated anti-religion activists with a long history of mob-stalking, personal harassment, and even criminal violations of the rights of a wide variety of individuals who have come to RRI's attention.

RRI is a School For Hate. I came to RRI's attention because I naively expressed an opinion about what actually constitutes a seriously dangerous or terrorist "cult"  and  I criticized RRI for attacking a group for no better reason than that the group is eccentric. I am not even a member of the group in question, but because I do have a strong background in actual "cult" research myself, and I have worked with some others in that field who have avoided the hate-mongering style of RRI, I seem to pose a special threat to RRI activists just by having a pulse and a voice. Apparently anyone who is both willing and able to make substantial criticisms of RRI poses the same kind of threat.

Tonight I was motivated to finally open a blog dedicated to this problem because one of the RRI's fringe associates has begun moving the attack-postings off the platform of "let's just tell the world Denise is fat and ugly" onto a double track of calling for multiple "reports" of me to "authorities" and also an attempt to characterize me as someone who is likely to be suicidal. This is "Verity Evangelene" aka "Sisi" among other names in the RRI forum at  and the forum. She is dedicated to the downfall of a strange little group called the "Jesus-Christians" with whom I have had some contact. By having contact with them, I have apparently become someone who must be eliminated from Sisi/Agur/Verity Evangelene's world.

Frankly, I am not part of her world and she needs to get out of mine. Her world is in the far frozen North and is populated by people who have no purpose in life except to heap abuse on others for their own amusements and also to insinuate themselves in obscene ways into the personal family and friendship relations of others. But she seems to think her world extends over the whole planet so that she must eliminate others. I know my world is not very big and I have no desire to go outside it to interfere with people in other worlds, especially not to interfere with the denizens of such horrifically hateful and narcissistic worlds as Sisi's. My world is populated by artists, writers, and a handful of spiritually serious people. It is limited to my parochial community in the sunny South, thousands of miles from Sisi/Verity Evangelene frozen wasteland, and my work concerns only the people I serve, all of whom know me well enough to express nothing but astounded sympathy when someone like Sisi invades a world which has nothing but contempt and loathing for her and her kind. She and her kind are driven by demons of hate who think that no Christian has the right to face them or to defend the Christian world from their hateful intrusions.

Sisi/Verity Evangelene, who has also been known to use the name Susan Smith Summers and who claims to live in Victoria, Canada, has libeled me repeatedly and even joined a few of her criminal friends to threaten to make videos of morphed images of my deceased daughter. She is someone who is utterly uneducated and anti-intellectual. It is embarrassing to find myself having to mount a defense against someone like her. I am a middle-aged woman and she acts like a sexual predator. She has actually posted as if she is intimate with me and has sent emails to people claiming to be a friend who is "concerned" for me and wants something done to "help" me. She posts about how she loves people and they must accept her involvment in their lives.

She attacks me because I have told her in answering posts that she is a filthy predator and she needs to leave me and my family alone. She is a total stranger whose intrusions into my life and my relationships have been uninvited and she has refused to honor every insistence from me that she stop stalking my private affairs. She thinks that because she found out I occasionally sell things in Ebay and once had an injury requiring a company to pay a hospital bill she has the right to post it along with lists of quotes taken from various unrelated discussion boards (often heated discussions among Catholics like myself) while she claims I have to be "stopped" from engaging in such terrible behavior, and it is mind-boggling to see the degree to which she orchestrates an image of a terrible person, and she gets other profiles to agree with her that I am a public danger. She facilitates a real lynch-mob dynamic with no more accusation than what I just listed. She even took some jokes I was sharing with other antiques-dealers about throwing counterfeiters to the alligators and tried to claim that was serious! When I made a joke in another forum about my "faithful budgie" she posted a long harangue claiming I was a paranoid recluse who imagined conspiracies against budgies, and she got a few of her cohorts to repeat that set of libelous insults. This would be hilarious if she were not seriously involved with that RRI gang of fellow internet-stalkers who actually have a history of generating tabloid media attacks on people over equally spurious allegations.

She gets people to agree to post to each other if they see me active anywhere in any capacity so that complaints can be filed to stop me from having any business and to interfere in any rights I might have in any private matter. Just because something is public knowledge does not mean it is the public's business to interfere. Why should anyone care that I had to go through the routine of forcing a department store to pay a hospital bill when I broke my shoulder on their premises? Does she think I enjoyed a broken shoulder? Does she think a fractured bone can be faked? She was willing to post her assaults as if I were a slip-and-sue monster when no lawsuit was ever filed because I never asked for anything more than to have the ER bill paid with their insurance instead of mine and it was paid. What kind of gain was that for me? And she attacked me with this monstrous posting years after the fact just because she was able to dig up a question from me which was under a nicname in which I asked a legal forum what I should do about the bill. I remember posting the question with my one good hand, my left hand, while my right shoulder was still immobilized.

That series of assaults was her retaliation for me telling her to stop attacking me with her disgusting speculations about my relationships with other people or my personal life. Her behavior is exactly like sexual stalking behavior and it is truly sick. She has several disgusting thuggie friends who egg her on, but she is truly the center of her own sick game. I throw up at the thought of her vile postings, and I recognize what she is doing. It is demonic. I pray for protection and deliverance from her demon-driven libels. I cannot spend my life on lawyers trying to sue her across national boundaries, for she is a coward who chooses to attack her American victims from her safely frozen lair in Canada. She posts whatever information she can find about her targets along with character assasination and she calls to her thuggie friends in this country to start following us around, making frivolous complaints to harass us in our daily lives.

But I certainly can post in my own defense against such unbridled hate. I never knew such a she-devil existed until I saw the first postings she made about me in that forum filled with demons that I had not previously seen. The forum is owned by Nick Croft, a man who devotes himself to directing his little coterie of demons against the Christian world. (For though they claim to want to persecute only one particular group of Christians, in fact they attack anyone who is seen in Christian fellowship with that group.)

Sisi/Verity Evangelene/Agur is someone who has made extremely inappropriate remarks under her "Verity Evangelene" profile which were directed at me about my daughter's recent death. My daughter died at age 34 in August, 2010. This Sisi person has actually tried to insinuate herself into my personal affairs by circulating an email nominating herself as my "concerned friend"! She did this in the week following my daughter's death. A total stranger actually willing to do such a thing to anyone, this is a truly mind-boggling, nauseating, and horrific act of personal violation!

Tonight Sisi/Verity Evangelene posting as "Agur", began the set-up for authorities and especially for media to characterize me as a suicidal person. To what end is she doing this? To what end is the Rick Ross Institute allowing her to do this in their forum? I am not worried about her rants causing any assaults on my person because I live within a very stable social network and also, as a citizen of Texas, I am quite confident the authorities around here will not put much credence into any reports that come to them from a plethora of strangers calling any Texan crazy and suicidal just because we feel free to have conversations with independent Christian witnesses. The authorities will all have a link to this blog and will see the repeated calls for frivolous and malicious reports she and the Rick Ross Institute have made against people who do nothing more than go about our lives, working in our own communities, engaging in theological discussions, writing books and articles, painting images, bothering no one. This blog seems to me like a wiser use of the taxpayer's money than for me to pester my local departments with a string of requests for protection from a "Sisi" in all her disguises and her mob of cohorts who may or may not be separate individuals and who may or may not reside in the globally scattered places from which they seem to post. Authorities like to see hard evidence of where people are and precisely when, where and how they are breaking the laws before accepting reports. RRI unfortunately uses its vast resources to hide such evidence of its members' whereabouts while they engage in well-orchestrated terrorism of individuals and small independent religious groups.

Here is the quote that inspired me to open this blog:

Well zeuszor. I wish I could give you a hug and I mean that. No one should feel that way. Don't let anyone rob you of the precious gift of life as obviously you make a terminal and permanent choice over a temporary feeling or problem when you commit suicide. I wonder if Mr. McKay is aware of how bad he makes people feel? Does he care?

Now you are the second person to put such thoughts into writing, the other was a woman who said she was being driven to consider ending her life and she pointed the finger directly at Dave McKay for his abusive treatment of her on his forum. I hope this woman is alright as she vasilated back and forth between the forums sometimes loving Dave McKay and other times wishing he would never communicate with her again.

It is a very strange quote. It does not clearly relate to me and so you might understandably wonder if I have a few screws loose, but it is part of a dialogue with "zeuzsor", an RRI activist who has enjoyed unusual success in his christian-hunting career by being able to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show in the UK as an opponent to Dave McKay. It reflects Sisi's sick obsession with imaginary intimate personal relations among strangers. (For, contrary to what one might think, Sisi/Verity Evangelene is not a disgruntled former member of the Jesus-Christians. She never had more than internet contact with them.)

Dave McKay himself is a controversial man who has written a number of books on eschatology, particularly a trilogy challenging the Tim Lahaye "Left Behind" heresy. McKay has a following of some note since he founded a communal group of Christian witnesses who are engaged in a number of services around the world. My forum conversations with him covered a wide range of topics, including questions of how his often biting personal remarks relate to larger subjects. Only a tragically under-educated person would interpret such conversations as some kind of online confessional and would think that writers and their readers discussing their books are engaged in some kind of intimate affair.

Both Zeuzsor and Verity Evangelene have dedicated themselves to destroying Dave McKay's career,  family, friendship networks, and even, it sometimes seems, his life, and twisting all communications both to and from them. They openly insult Mrs. McKay as Dave's "consort".

Who am I in relation to this? I am an artist with a background in cult research myself, and I like to read novels, and I often have conversations with other writers and artists. I do not consider such conversations to be the kind of sordid intimate affairs that fascinate people of Verity Evangelene's level, and it deeply embarrasses me to even have to refer to someone of that type.  But upon my first appearance in a discussion in the forum where Dave McKay presents his books, I was named and discussed by Verity Evangelene in a completely separate forum that has no purpose other than to attack Dave McKay and anyone who discusses his writings or associates with other Christian witnesses of all kinds in that forum.

The hate forum from which attacks on Dave Mckay and the Jesus Christians are often launched, , owned by Nick Croft, makes me think of the Ayatollah Khomaini's rage against Salman Rushdie. Seriously, only the absence of a million dollar bounty and a world-wide network of Islamic jihadists is missing from this scene! And I have not even written a novel of any kind (at least not published), never mind one that could rise to the level of Rushdie's prose. But Dave and Cherry McKay have written novels that seem to touch a religious nerve in those RRI bigots. Together they wrote "The Destroyers", an Apocalyptic account of a fictional village family in Kenya, and Dave McKay wrote "Survivors", which is a novel showing a very different theology from the popular Lahaye Rapture heresy and "Listeners" which is a more ecumenical Christianity than LaHaye's fundamentalism. Interestingly enough, Lahaye's apocalyptice plot promotes militia violence while McKay's promotes a more pacifist response to the Tribulation. And McKay's books, like Salman Rushdie's, are fiction, after all. Fiction which challenges some official or popular violent theology. This paralell is worth noting.

"Zeuzsor" posts in an interesting dance with Sisi/Agur, raising the spectre of suicide and giving her the opening to start throwing it in my direction. McKay and I have gone back and forth on many issues in our discussions in his open forum, as have McKay and quite a few others. Novelists are often pretty dynamic in their discussions and so it should not surprise any literate person that a discussion with McKay can be a challenge. It is truly nauseating to see that in the mind of people like those two, zeuzsor and Sisi, such conversations are grounds for almost pornographic third-party gossip.

I have a channel in Youtube here and also a page in Facebook, both under my own legal name. I have decided that the best way to deal with this very disturbed and disturbing duo as well as the RRI (of which they are both very active members) is to be totally out-front and consequences be damned. My daughter died weeks after their assualts on me began, this past summer, and I have nothing at all to lose. They have certainly put me in a "make my day" kind of mood.

Having nothing to lose is not to say I have nothing. I am indeed a very successful artist with my own vocation in the private sphere (far outside their paltry realm) and I will not lose any friends or any professional support to these ignorant bigots because I have no connection to anyone who would respect them.

I have created this blog in my own interest and in the interest of all other victims of the RRI hate movement, a movement of which Zeuzsor and Verity Evangelene/Sisi/Agur are perhaps the two most vile examples outside of Rick A. Ross himself.