Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Modern Inquisition

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The Pardons of Meadow Haven show a benign face to the public, but their willingness to deceive anybody who follows a religious path different from their own is typical of the anti-cult vigilante jihadists. In their colleague's thread in the Rick Ross Institute, for example, there is no way to tell who the people hiding behind the nicknames are. Is Apollo really one of the Meadow Haven staff? No one reading that thread can tell who these people are, while they clearly misrepresent me and others by name, making repeated threats to our private lives.

These vigilantes hide online just as they do at night when they drive by a "compound" (which is the demonizing name for any house belonging to any extended family) and throw rocks through the windows. No, this is not something from the 1950's Ku Klux Klan wars in the deep South, this is from today, in Massachusetts, as one eye-witness describes:
As I watched the unthinkable horror of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon unfold, I found myself thinking back to the previous night’s much smaller, yet still significant terrorist attack on our home in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Rocks were thrown through our windows and our car tires were slashed. Of course, the two events were vastly different in magnitude, yet they were chillingly alike in essence.
It is a sad irony that in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the very village where our courageous Pilgrim forefathers established a beachhead for freedom of religion in the New World, self-appointed Inquisitor Bob Pardon is fueling the fires of animosity against us. We are not troubled that he disagrees with our understanding of the Bible; he is entitled to his own opinions. What is really troubling is that, in a country whose system of justice is founded on the principle that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty, Mr. Pardon aggressively portrays us as presumed guilty unless proven innocent. And really, no proof we might offer can stand in his courtroom since he holds his handful of disgruntled ex-members as more credible than the thousands of happy men, women, and children who daily love and care for one another in the communities of our Twelve Tribes.

Anyone who reads the horrific attacks on individuals in that Rick Ross thread must be scratching their head at the way a Catholic woman in Texas is thrown in with an alleged "McKay Cult" in Australia. Here is how it began: Robert and Judy Pardon's colleague Brian Birmingham invited me to travel up to Massachusetts to attend some Twelve Tribes meetings in a very bizarre chat that he initiated when he saw me ask questions in the Rick Ross forum. He wanted me to help him "infiltrate a cult". I refused. Thus, I became the enemy. I warned Rick Ross to put a stop to this, but apparently the financial entanglements between the Rick Ross Institute and Meadow Haven are so thick that Rick Ross's hands are tied if an organization like Meadow Haven wants to use his forum the same way Tony Soprano and his kinfolk use the back room of a shop in a New Jersey neighborhood.

I never heard of Meadow Haven until I was forced to take a close look at who is attacking me and an even closer look at how and why the Jesus-Christian group was being demonized with such completely false propaganda, the same as what happened to the Twelve Tribes, which is an Amish-like Christian sect with farms and restaurants as their means of support. Brian Birmingham apparently is not happy that their community continues to thrive in spite of Robert and Judy Pardon's efforts to destroy it. Robert Pardon is a specialist in demonizing entire groups of people, including the children, using tactics taken straight out of the old KKK manuals which themselves shared a great deal with Hitler. But those early fascists were crude compared to the Pardons, the Rick Rosses, and their ilk today.

Here is a short quote from the Twelve Tribes' own very detailed response to the devastating libel they suffered from the Pardons:
During the summer and fall of 1994, Bob Pardon and Judy Barba, of the New England Institute for Religious Research (NEIRR) visited several of our communities in New England, saying that they genuinely wanted to get to know us so that they could communicate accurately and fairly with those who look to them for information about unconventional religious groups. We welcomed them into our households, had many meals with them, answering their many questions as clearly as we were able. They said they were writing an extensive analysis of our communities based on their research......We were shocked by the contents of the 90-page document we received in December, 1995. It was so far from portraying the life we actually live and what we actually believe!

Was what the Pardons did to the Twelve Tribes just practice for when the jihadist vigilantes take on the Amish and the Mennonites, as well as the various Mormon groups all spread across North America? Is this the biggest greedy land grab since the Trail of Tears forced a different group of people out of their original land? What is really going on in America with this new wave of viscious nazi-like fascism?

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