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Postmodernism: Gaming The Art Market

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There are so many directions this article could go in that it is an exercise in postmodernism just to start. First of all, there are these questions of category of journalism and the role of the reviewer or the writer as well as questions of the role of the artist and his art. In past times including most of "modern" times, these roles or realms of activity were pretty easy to keep separate. It used to be easy to look at one part of a person's activity and say "this is his artwork" and the other part of his activity and say "this is his personal life, no concern of the public's."

Secondly, there are these questions of private relations between the artist and his friends and family, the public, the art-world, etc. which usually, in the past, have remained easily separated, one from the other.

But no more. And actually, am I really being accurate to say these things were always separate? In old times, an artist's studio would include the work of many members of his own family as well as friends and the entire social circle would be rife with romantic escapades and stories of high scandal. Artists in the Renaissance were brought into royal courts as much for the entertainment of their messy lives as for the actual product of their work.

Still, we seemed always to know when we were looking at the professional product and when we were peeping into the private lives of artists. Picasso and his crowd began to blur the lines. Picasso made an art-form of his life, having his Parmelin and his Sabartes provide an approved series of hints while enticing more than one photographer and film-maker to co-operate in the first hints of the post-modern world. Before WWII, the Dadaists and other adventurers had begun to tear at the boundaries of what is and is not art, but they did it within an outer world whose boundaries were still clear. Picasso carried their activities further while wartime Europe tore down all the outer boundaries.

Hitler had made Germany into a giant machine in which human beings were but ants. Anyone today who looks at the footage of those thousands of soldiers lined up so precisely for Nazi parades cannot help but see the total collapse of the human soul in the crushing grasp of the Nazi cult. Picasso had remained in Paris even through the occupation, never picking up a gun to defend his adopted homeland, but also never laying down his brushes or letting go of his quintessential human spark. That was the 1930's and 1940's, the height of modernism and the glimpse of postmodernism. Religion had gone into a kind of eclipse during that period, but in the aftermath of war, it enjoyed a resurgence. Everyone wanted the boundaries offered by churches, the clear rules and regulations, the lists of sins and not-sins, the schedules of worship and prayer. Alongside that, marketing became a religion too, with Billy Graham running neck-and-neck against Dale Carnegie for influencing the most people and making the most money off the most friends, what a Friend he had in Jesus!

Art really began to disappear as an object-form in the 1950's. Mass media exploded into the living-space people once reserved for treasured objects of useless beauty. The children of the war were giddy with the adventure and glamour of a world that appeared to have acheived a balance between freedom and social structure. But then the emergence of war-as-art happened when Vietnam became a globally televised visual witness of all the human destruction that had been partially obscured during previous wars, when artists and photographers who went to the front took weeks or at least days to get their images in some editted form back to the news-hungry public. If WWII announced that there are no more boundaries between that which belongs to the private workplace and that which is public market, then Vietnam announced that there are no more boundaries between the atrocities of the soldier's battlefield and the personal, individual thoughts of the civilian in his livingroom on a calm summer evening.

Once again, an eruption. People stopped lining up for haircuts and the latest style in cars and stopped going to churches. They piled into vans, traded their televisions for macrame'd hemp and dropped the orderly Sunday services in favor of hippie Jesus gatherings with the national flags sewn to the seats of their pants.

Buddhist monks from Vietnam began burning themselves alive in public places. Black Americans began burning down their own neighborhoods. Priests and preachers gathered with students and parents at the gates of air-force bases like Westover and tried to stop, literally stop, the B-52 bombers from taking off. Hairy Indian gurus handed out beads while Harvard professors handed out LSD (Remember Timothy Leary? LSD was assigned as homework in his classes!) while David Berg and an assortment of wandering Jesus-freaks mixed Christian folk music with hippie love. Postmodernism announced itself even before it had a name.

The David Berg group used comic books to spread the gospel among all the free-loving hippies. Jesus, the first postmodernist in many ways (for so much of his teachings support situational ethics, compared to the left-brain list of the Ten Commandments) was available to David Berg to be reduced to a few principles that Berg could then re-arrange as the whims and impulses of the times suggested.

In those days, 15-yr-old girls in Tennessee married and raised families before they were twenty, this was what conventional Christian families did. Young men enlisted, often before they were eighteen, and were sent into battle, and if they didn't enlist they were drafted. They became hardened soldiers in the war before they were old enough to vote. Twelve-year-olds smoked cigarettes and fourteen-year olds went to work at their first jobs after school, and quit school to work full time as soon as they were sixteen.

Dave Berg saw the success of the free-love Beatles' gurus and saw no problem interlacing that openly celebrated Yellow Submarine culture with his comic-book street Christians. Better-grounded followers of his, like David McKay, did see the problems, but most people, frankly, did not care what Berg was doing. Not when the nation's elite were sending their children to Timothy Leary's acid-fests and the rest of the parents were sending their children to war in Vietnam. Somewhere in the fog of the seventies and eighties these things began to sort themselves out. The secular culture began to raise the age of adulthood and limit the permitted chemical adventures of students while the religious culture applied solid marketing concept to reigning in the free-love hippies.

Out in the quieter towns of Australia, David McKay was a working journalist with a small family and group of young friends all associating with Berg's anti-establishment Christianity. He and his loved ones enjoyed the spiritual freedom of challenging materialistic Christians to the true teachings of Jesus. Who knew what Berg and the rest of that group were up to, outside of McKay's little corner of Australia? But it was not long in the mid seventies before David McKay saw the sexual escapades of Berg's group as a threat to the moral foundations of his own set of family and friends as well as a violation of the most basic Christian teachings. McKay soon led his following into a much more conventional, yet still communally challenging, expression of the teachings of Jesus.

Kevin Mckay was a very young boy when those things happened. He cut his teeth as an artist working on illustrations for his father's pamphlets and revised, cleaned up versions of the old COG comics. McKay wanted to continue to appeal to the lost youth in the streets while making sure the message was truly of Jesus's Christian moral compass. McKay's group began calling itself the Jesus Christians some time later, in the 1990's, and Kevin was growing into a leader under his father's guidance. The small group traveled, established mission outposts, and generally lived just like the wandering Christian clans of the first centuries after Jesus walked the Earth.

More premodern than postmodern, certainly? Didn't I say that Jesus was postmodern? Yes. In the old system, including the Modern (if mid-twentieth century secular culture was "modernism") rules were clear, hard-line, written out in lists with chapters and sub-chapters. Just like in the Old Testament: a list of ten "most important" but then whole books of detailed instructions on every facet of life. The Israelites were able to structure their isolated shepherd tribal life with that. Every so often they would bump into a pagan tribe with a smaller set of rules or no rules at all, and they would go off the rails comletely. Mighty Jehovah would have to spit fireballs and send plagues to get them back on course.

Then Jesus came along and said the entire Old Law, the whole big set of it, could be contained in a few simple words: "Love thy neighbor as thyself".... having those few words as a guideline could allow the Christian to react according to each situation as God's law demanded, without having to memorize all those details of God's law.... postmodernism? No wonder they crucified Him, for who would pay a temple priest for an elaborate cleansing ritual if all it takes is a simple application of Jesus's Law of Love to know how to behave?

Something happened, though. In those heady years of setting out on the Jesus-Christian road, Kevin saw a future for himself while his father David moved from need to need, book to book, fulfilling his own role as an author and a facilitator of sorts, of a community of dedicated Christians.

Kevin and David did not see everything through the same eyes. Some of the other Jesus Christians seemed to assume Kevin had a right to lead, whether Kevin felt that way or not. David still ran with the communal principles that were a legacy of the anarchic hippie days but Kevin grew up in the more tightly-ruled, more corporate Yuppie years and so a split was almost inevitable. When Kevin took his artwork and left in the late 1990's, a few of those followers who will always follow, followed him.

David McKay continued on with the remaining Jesus Christians. They'd had contact with all kinds of established denominations and interpretations of Christian teachings and they continued to engage in controversial applications of those teachings in practical witness. The whippings or floggings, seem to be the most controversial or unusual applications, although it is hard to avoid saying that the movement into altruistic living-donor medical transplants was not even more controversial.

Yet: there remain boundaries that the postmodernists refuse to recognize. In setting up several mock-trials which resulted in real floggings, the Jesus Christians were careful to keep the floggings within the realm of temporary, non-injurious pain, and careful to include only seasoned volunteers in the practice. The contrast between their practice and the extremely cruel, disfiguring and fatal tortures that they protested is obvious. In one case, the protest was of a brutal street-gang beating of a man who was kicked viciously in the head while already losing consciousness on the ground, in another case the protest was of the horrifically violent torture of Falun Gong practicioners by the Chinese government, and in the third case, most heart-touchiing in its way, the Jesus Christians found that one of their associates was going to be horribly whipped by the Kenyan government over some petty theft that the Jesus-Christians themselves had reported without realizing the cost.

They appealed to the government which refused to lift the punishment. Finally they asked the government to let them take the case into their own community so that they could carry out the whipping themselves. The government agreed to allow that. This set an incredibly good precedent for all people in that region to be able to avoid horribly unjust and violent punishments! The Jesus-Christians at the Kenyan mission then took it a step further: when the thief showed up to accept his punishment, they announced that because Jesus took our sins upon Himself, one of them would step into the thief's place and take the whipping while he looked on.

The thief, a life-time alcoholic who never had succeeded in straightening out, could not believe that they would do this. He refused to allow it and insisted on taking his own punishment. It was carried out, and he came out of that whipping cleansed, truly cleansed, because the outpouring of love from those Jesus-Christians gave him the strength he needed to drop his alcohol and petty-theft habits.

And yet, the postmodernists of the art world, that would have you believe Christians are responsible for all the woes of the world (check: how many of the oil tycoons and war-machine ceo's,politicians and bankers, are practicing Christians of any sort?) the ones who post photos of torture victims in galleries and command thousands of arts-grant dollars for their efforts, these are the people who want to hunt down the Jesus-Christians and punish Dave McKay to his last dying breathe....

I was accused of being a little too harsh in saying, in my video, that Kevin McKay is actually planning to kill his own father by encouraging the stalker-mob that includes his friends to hunt the man down. Really, I have no idea what Kevin McKay is actually planning inside his own head. I thought I might even backpedal a little, and soften my statement in this article, but I can't do it.

Kevin has repeatedly posted admiration, friendship, and support for a bizarre character known mainly as "Verity Evangelene" who posts obscene predatory and disgusting death-oriented.... material..aimed at his father. Kevin has been part of that, repeatedly supporting that in the forum that has no other purpose except to attack Kevin's parents and every aspect of their lives. David McKay recently ventured into that forum in a futile effort to engage his son in a dialogue and Kevin left after insulting his father. Verity-Evangelene posted page after page of the most vile and obscene hatred imaginable. I noticed as I followed the struggle over the past few weeks that the sexual content that was once thinly veiled became open and predominant. This character, who has given a fairly strong impression of being a real woman named Susan Smith Summers who lives in the Vancouver area, has been covering her posts with obscene flirtation, has claimed sexual things about others and mostly has painted a picture of a vulgar and obscene affair between herself and David Mckay, even quite often throwing humiliating insults to Cherry McKay into the mix. What kind of son associates with people who do that to his parents?

I could not see any sense to this, other than the indulgence of obscene postmodern evil, but yesterday the reason for the filth was unveiled. "Verity Evangelene" has invented a jealous-husband story. Her old story was that she was widowed and bereft of a child because of a fatal car accident, and she ran that story for miles of pity-posts because in his exasperation, Dave McKay made the mistake of posting a common-sense question: since no one knows who Susan Smith Summers really is, how can anyone know if her sad story is true? Couldn't she at least send him a copy of a news article about the accident? Surely a simple article like that would not violate anyone's privacy and it would put to rest all the suspicion Verity Evangelene creates with her lies. Now, most people would never even bother to address a character like Verity Evangelene on the internet, a character that might not even be a real person but might be anyone, masquerading. But Dave McKay still has both feet on the pre-digital earth and he refused to give up on the possibility there might be a sensible human being behind that mask.

Verity Evangelene has bragged of paying the Rick Ross stalker Brian Birmingham for his research, research that according to Dave McKay and even some of Birmingham's own postings, has included collecting video clips of the McKay's vehicles, a clip of Mrs Mckay using a cane that Birmingham somehow thinks is "obviously unnecessary" from seeing the clip, and other clearly threatening surveillance material. Birmingham repeatedly posts lyrics from the song "psycho killer" and fantasizes about Mckay's death. Along with him, Verity Evangelene does the same, adding the pornographic assaults, lately including about a dozen obscene cartoons and calling herself "cultbuster graphics." And now these two apparently think that by creating an angry-husband character, whatever harm befalls the McKays at the mob's hands will be picked up by the media as something honorable (only in such twisted minds). Verity Evangelene explains this supposed husband's anger this way: He is supposedly enraged that David McKay had the temerity to question whether the story of a family tragedy was true or not, and furthermore, this angry husband is angry not only on the behalf of his beloved wife Verity's virginal honor, but also because he was supposedly a friend of the late first husband.

And Verity suggests he might become violent in her behalf. Even though any sane person has to suspect these people are doing nothing but living out their psychotic fantasies, one does not have to look far to see the ease with which they may slip from fantasy to reality.

While Kevin Mckay remains off to the side with not one word of support or defense for his innocent parents. No, on second thought, I cannot see any reason to doubt the accuracy of my original statement that Kevin Mckay is indeed trying to turn his own life into a horrible exercise in postmodern patricide.

I hope that at some point he steps forward to put an end to that hate-forum and makes me eat crow, but I am not looking up any recipes just yet.

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Rick Ross Institute Hate Brigade: The Crofts In Australia

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Below is a statement pasted from the Jesus Christians' site that was also posted in the Croft family's Hate Site at (references to replace the word "here" that referred to the xjcs site in the original posting by David McKay and I have also included the full names for accuracy.) Note: the Croft hate site made an unauthorized and deliberately misleading use of Dave Mckay's name in its title. When I questioned McKay about that, he cited the futility of fighting endless incidents of name-theft as his reason for ignoring it. I also have been subjected to numerous incidents of name-theft by this very same lynch-mob, and I can attest to the discouraging difficulty of fighting such people.

For almost three years this site []called itself: "Dave McKay's Jesus-Christians: Free discussion between members and ex-members, supporters and observers." It advertised itself as a place where Jesus Christians (including myself) would be welcomed for rational dialogue with others on []. We Jesus Christians stayed almost entirely away from [], not being convinced that the "welcome" sign really meant what it said.

However, for two weeks in January, 2011, four of us (Joe, myself, and two anonymous "JCs") came over here. I came for 8 days; Joe (posting as Brad) for four days; and Charlie for five. Only Falling Leaves was here [] for the full two weeks and a bit.

In the final week, when all four of us were posting for at least four days, there were about 1,000 posts made here [] on 40 different threads, about half by ourselves and half by those who had been waiting to "welcome" us, primarily Sisi (Verity Evangelene aka Susan Smith Summers), Brian Birmingham (Bryan Apollo), and Malcolm Wrest (Methodical Wesley). The reception was anything but friendly or rational. Virtually all ex-Jesus Christians went silent, with Kevin McKay announcing that he was bowing out of [] before I even arrived (because he THOUGHT Falling Leaves was me).

Backing up a bit, two months earlier, in early November, 2010, the Jesus Christians as an organisation had "disbanded". I announced that the community had not had a falling out, but just that we had "graduated" to a less organisational body, with greater emphasis on spiritual unity. There were efforts by posters on both of the hate sites (this one and the Rick Ross site) to woo the recently departed into their ranks, so that they could give them some of the tender love that they presumably had been missing for so many years as Jesus Christians.

While we had been led to believe that the Rick Ross forum, dominated almost entirely by Malcolm Wrest and Brian Birmingham (as Zeuszor, Oerlikon, Apollo, and possibly Stoic) was NOT going to be a nice place to go, even posters on the RR site assured any nomadic JC "graduates" that they would be more welcome over here[]. Brian Birmingham had taken to spelling his name Bryan over here, and sending his posts via a proxy server in Scotland, since he had been banned from here previously. However, he and Sisi pretty much became the sole voice of the "friendly" place for JC graduates to come for sympathy and understanding.

Any readers who would like to observe what took place during those eventful days can click on the links below. But, before you click on the first one, let me explain something about "Recently Deported". Shortly after Falling Leaves arrived over here[], Joe tried to sign up as "Recently Departed". The administrator (Nick Croft) approved his application and said that his password had been encrypted in the data base. However, Nick Croft then broke into the data base, stole the password, changed it, and began posting as though HE was the anonymous JC graduate who had signed up to be on the site. Nick Croft later admitted to doing this, saying that he believed that Falling Leaves (who was the only JC posting at that time) was me, and he wanted to see if I would complain about what he was doing to Joe, i.e. to work out if Joe and I were in communication with one another. (There had a lot of debate over just how much unity there was between myself and other Jesus Christians, with most people here saying that I had been dumped by angry JCs.)

While pretending to be a recently departed JC, Nick Croft wrote personal messages to people... to Brian Birmingham in particular. Brian Birmingham posted one of the messages, in which Nick Croft pretended to have inside information on paedophile activity within the Jesus Christians. Nick knew that Brian has serious mental problems and that he has an obsession with proving that we are into child abuse; so he was deliberately filling this sick man's head with the worst possible gossip/slander, something that we have maintained has been happening since before this forum began.

When Nick Croft was exposed and challenged to apologise for his action, he decided to cover it instead, by changing the name on all of "Recently Departed"s posts to "Recently Deported", probably assuming that, if he changed the name, it did not constitute identity theft, even though he had to steal Joe's password in order to do it. This is certainly unethical if not illegal.

Okay, so here's one of the links, to a thread which starts with a post by "Recently Deported". You will see that Nick does such a good job of impersonating a JC graduate (as he has done in other trolling adventures) that even Brian (Bryan) was sucked in, and assumed that he was me. Note too, that every single person who responds to "Recently Deported" refers to him as "Recently Departed", since that was the original name of the account, before Nick Croft further fiddled with it.;sd=a&start=70

I had, on the JC forum, asked for genuine ex-members on this site to challenge things being said by Brian Birmingham, who was trying to say that the JCs were more or less a Christian paedophile ring. To their credit, Glenn and Anita (Blackhat) stood up to this a bit, even though they are not former Jesus Christians. But even this little bit of defense pretty well went silent over the next few days:

Because of the problems Joe had encountered when he had tried to register under a username, he suggested that I use his real name to register myself. Together we had assumed, from worries expressed by people here over Joe's state of health, that even Nick Croft would be pleased to have him here where they could love bomb him through what they asssumed must be a very difficult time for him personally. (Surprisingly, even when Joe did come here and reveal who he was, no one thought to enquire about his health until after we had gone! Apparently other things were more important.) Although the first post below says "Joe", it's really me. Once I got on, I requested a name change to Dave, which Nick did temporarily and then changed it back (possibly hoping to confuse people further). Nevertheless, he let me have a new account (this one) as Dave McKay. Here is my introductory thread, to give an idea of the kind of reception I received. (Franky [Hello] started out with a warm welcome, which later turned to accusations of JCs raping, sodomising, and giving oral sex to children! And she says she won't accept any explanations or denials for any of it, because she knows what she knows! With friends like that, who needs enemies?)

Almost immediately there were calls for JC graduates and/or myself to be banned. The administrator, of course, could see that this would be an admission of absolute failure in what this whole forum ostensibly stood for, i.e. dialogue. So then the hue and cry arose against anyone being allowed to produce articles written by me in relation to accusations being made against me. In true Rick Ross style, only quotes used to condemn me were favoured by these people. Anything presented in the full context of what had been said was considered "propaganda" and, as such, should not be allowed in a forum for 'free discussion'. These threads deal with that:

Falling Leaves, in particular, tried to start a number of threads that would steer people toward more positive topics, with more hope of moving forward. They included one where people would share their favorite Bible verses (which almost immediately became a disgusting display of brutal "sword" fighting in an effort to use the Bible to club myself and the graduates to death).

A thread aimed at getting people to make compliments (without turning them into veiled insults) had slightly more success, but it, too, was short-lived:

A thread aimed at sharing ideas on how to get along with one another attracted over 100 posts, but it too, was a spectacular flop in the end.

There was a somewhat comical thread, where Sisi instructed me to follow Malcolm's sterling example of love and patience. So I took a series of one-liners that Malcolm had, in the previous few days, addressed to myself or anyone supporting me, and I inserted Sisi's name in the sentences instead, so that it sounded like Malcolm was saying these things to her. After several lines of this, I finished by saying that I just did not feel Malcolm's style of writing was right for me. She totally missed it and went ballistic over me using sentences that had (unknowingly to her, apparently) come right from Malcolm's own epistles, thus illustrating how totally immune to the stench regular posters become here... UNLESS a criticism is made of themselves.

Charlie started a thread to reveal what Nick Croft had been doing to destroy the credibility of the entire forum, through stealing Joe's password as Recently Departed and through spreading malicious (and totally untrue) gossip in his disguise as an ex-JC. It probably set something of a record, by attracting 160 posts in three and a half days, most of them defending Nick's right to do whatever he likes with anyone's identities here. At that time, Nick Croft's avatar was Michaelangelo's famous picture of God, and it certainly did appear that Nick was being given god-like powers to break any rules he liked. This is a disturbing illustration of the classic description of a cult leader... totally unaccountable, and surrounded by yes-men.

That's about when Brian Birmingham's paedophile claims suddenly became fair game over here (even though there had been some outrage at his transparent efforts to play vigilante in matters that were grossly exaggerated earlier). Each time the story was told, it grew by about ten percent, until Franky was falsely detailing the specific actions that were happening and the numbers of people that they were happening to. And she said that if anyone offered evidence contrary to what she was saying, she would need to cite it personally before she would change her story. In the entire thread, no one thought to mention that ( a ) X is someone who totally volunteered feelings of guilt about something that had happened years before he joined the JCs, when he was a teenager (briefly touching a child inappropriately while she was sleeping and briefly touching her sister while playing with her a few days later); (b) he had reported the matter to the girls' mother, who, while upset, did not feel it necessary to inform authorities further; yet (c) X also reported it to the police himself, who, after hearing the exact details said that it did not need any further action. Yet, when we left this board, there was nothing short of hysteria being expressed on this board as they made plans to rid the world of this person.


There was a rather ridiculous effort by many of the posters here to argue that Charlie, Brad (Joe), and Falling Leaves were either me or a woman from Texas who has never been a JC, so much so that on Saturday, Nov. 15, 2010, the four of us emailed and chatted with one another over the Internet and decided to be quite explicit about exactly what has been happening with the Jesus Christians, although I cannot see that this will be much more explicit than it has been from the start. Perhaps when I explain some of our motivation, however, that will fill in the dots a bit better.

We had been concerned that Brian Birmingham in particular, has been obsessed for years with 'taking out' myself and the Jesus Christians by 'whatever means possible'. With help from a Quaker private investigator from Australia (David Lowe), Brian produced a dossier consisting of several hundred pages of lies and other unnecessary personal information about everyone associated with the Jesus Christians (except, of course, himself and those who helped him in preparing it). He boasted that these lies had been sent to law enforcement personnel, the media, church leaders, Immigration authorities, hospitals, welfare agencies, and others, in an attempt to defame me in particular, around the world. He knew that if he got enough people running into each other investigating the same bizarre claims, they would all start thinking that there must be some truth in it.

Anyone who showed some interest in knowing more about ourselves (Jesus Christians) would simply google Jesus Christians and/or my name, and Brian, with help from others, had been able to perfect a system that would lead these googlers to his contributions on the two hate sites. He boasted that he had been successful in steering numerous people away from us by his lies.

One of our options was legal action, but it turned out to be far too costly. So we decided to do exactly what Brian Birmingham had been hopefully prophesying for so many years: We would "implode", just disappear. Cease to be Jesus Christians.

I had retired almost two years earlier, so it would not matter if they continued to attack me, so long as the others could branch out, take on new names, create their own web sites, produce their own material (as well as using whatever material from me that they wanted, on the understanding that they were just pushing the message and not the guy who wrote it). It was as easy as that. We "disbanded", or, as I prefer to call it, we "graduated".

The naysayers, frustrated that they could not locate the former JCs, and angered that even when JC graduates turned up on their forums, they had no answers for the powerful arguments raised, decided to just ridicule me as a complete failure. Amazing, isn't it? After all these years of saying that it is all about me and my big ego, when the group moves on and Cherry and I settle into a quiet life as grey nomads, they go more berserk than ever! They laugh, ridicule, hurl abuse and just generally turn purple with rage at me because they cannot touch the graduates any more.

But here is the ironic thing. While they want me to believe that my "empire" is in ruins, it is really their empire that is in ruins. (This is true for the Rick Ross site as well, explained in the next paragraph.) What Cherry and I have sought so hard to build, first with our natural family and then through our influence on various members of the Jesus Christians, were people who are prepared to follow Jesus wherever he leads, with or without us. I believe they are doing that now more than ever. My life is a resounding success. Cherry's life is a resounding success.

But the creators of this forum set out to destroy the Jesus Christians, and now that they have achieved what it was that they set out to do, there seems to be more anger than ever. This site could change its title to something about Dave McKay (minus the JCs), at least while I'm still alive. But without the JCs, this forum (and Brian's other one as well) is dead, useless, a lot of energy with no direction in which to channel it. Because the people here built their lives on REACTING to something, when the real "actors" (the JCs) left the stage, there was nothing left for them to do except maybe go back to fighting like children with each other.

I may return to paste this or a similar message here from time to time (just to remind people that there IS a record of what I really teach and what the JCs really did over at this link:

Take your time here. Don't just skim through. Don't settle for just one negative posting about myself or the Jesus Christians. Read widely. Read claims about how we are kidnappers, how we are terrorists, about how we are killers for Christ, about how we are a paedophile ring, about how we are criminals and frauds. And take time to digest the claims about me stealing a towel, or wiggling my bottom at someone, or correcting people when they spell "a lot" as one word, about me discussing a dilemma I created when I discovered that we had only enough money for drinks for half of the people invited to a party, about one of our members taking out an AVO against someone who almost killed him, about us donating kidneys to people dying from endstage renal failure, and about some of our members having smelly feet. Get the whole picture of what is happening here. Eventually, you will start to get the idea that someone is trying just a little too hard to create a case where there is none. Where are the arrests? Where are the charges laid? Where are the convictions? And if the big libelous claims are not libel, then why do they waste time trying to create a storm over the slightest little thing? BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE A CASE AT ALL, that's why.

In fact, do like us and dedicate a whole week to reading (and even posting, if you like) on this forum for ten or twelve hours a day before you come and see what we really teach. I think that after a really good stiff dose of what this site has to offer, you will find that what we say is incredibly refreshing.

Dave & Cherry McKay

I am printing this here because it pretty much sums up the vicious mob's activity as it happened. I thought Dave McKay was a little too interested in "making peace" and he has never respected my position as an unwilling participant, a journalist dragged out of retirement by the same lynch-mob that was attacking his family. Dave McKay is an old-fashioned guy in a lot of ways and he occasionally played into his enemies' hands because he is of a generation that has been able to use sarcasm with wild abandon, being universally understood, but things are different online. Sometimes his sarcasm, witty as it was, backfired in the hands of determined assasins (as in, character-assasination). But I have to hand it to him, that last round of this dangerous game was played with great finesse: he caught Nick Croft out flagrantly exploiting Brian Birmingham's dangerous mental illness in order to spread those vicious false pedophile stories.

I wonder if some of the same laws that have been used to prosecute irresponsible therapists for taking advantage of their clients in sexual affairs may also be used to prosecute people like Nick Croft and Rick Alan Ross for seeking out and exploiting easily-deluded Asperger's sufferers?

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The Cause of Freedom In The New Year

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by D. Matteau

Thank you everyone who is reading this blog. We have had a great start, considering we only date back to October! I've seen visitors coming in from a dozen countries and so I must say gracias, merci beaucoup, graci, danke schen, and much, much more!

I hope to build and expand this bog into a real voice in the cause of free speech, especially freedom of religion. This is not the same thing as a discrimination-based or victim-based cause. This is a cause that recognizes liberty and the right to choose to associate freely with those who share our own peculiar beliefs. I do not recognize any right to interfere with others who believe differently. I believe there are plenty of laws that can be brought to bear against those who commit crimes against others based on disagreement with their religious or philosophical beliefs. Crimes of stalking, harassing, assaulting, libeling, slandering, and interference with employment, business, social relationships or benefit entitlements all can be prosecuted without claiming any special religious or other privilege as long as we all agree on the basic human right of freedom of speech, and even freedom of thought and worship.

My plan for this blog through 2011 is to continue tracing the development of these active vigilante/stalker groups. I would like to invite others who share this concern to contribute directly to this blog as writers. Please contact me if you are interested. You will appear as a team-member when you contribute something, and I would like to set up several "beats" or directions of coverage so that we can efficiently develop a strong resource for free people everywhere.

The budget I have set up is loosely based on $250 a month, which is more than I can afford to invest, and so I placed the subscription and donation system in the sidebar for that purpose. The money will pay for a solid closed forum in which writers can share research and it will also start a seed fund for legal support for writers who are facing retaliation, frivolous lawsuit threats, etc.

Please consider the value of joining together in one blog. We can achieve more in terms of reaching a solid audience by combining our efforts. Of course, writers who already have established blogs can link to them and thus can use this blog to support more interested traffic to their own. Networking in this manner is very powerful.

The forum subscription is set at $5.95 a month. I will open a forum as soon as ten are signed up. The division of that fund is as follows: $.95 of the $5.95 covers expenses. $5.00 goes to the $2,500 annual budget as a loan. In December, everyone will be contacted and asked if they want their loan returned or if they want to leave it in the fund towards the 2012 budget.

Let's make 2011 the Year of the Brave and the Free!