Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Times, They Are Intensifying: China Goes Cannibal

As 2014 and the imminent threat of a presidential bid by Hitlery Clinton grows stronger, a glance back at the Clintonian concept of "Ethnic Cleansing" along with Mrs. Clinton's love affair with the Chinese Communist Party is enough to stop me dead in my tracks.

My own writing in this Freedom blog has tended to focus on the New Jersey-based cult-vigilante stalker-gang known as the Richard  Ross Institute, (RRI in this blog) with only an occasional foray into national and global politics, but as the millenium ticks on, this focus on that particularly nasty nest of nazi-esque vigilantes is becoming more global and more clearly entangled with national and international events. This week the RRI started spreading some chum (bait) in shark-filled waters of an especially disturbing kind: China has institutionalized live-donor organ harvesting of all organs and has been using religious dissidents, mostly Falun Gong (Tai Chi) as well as Christians and others, as the donor population. I'm calling RRI's discussion "bait" because Rick Ross is apparently trying to cover his own involvment in Chinese hunting of Tai Chi dissidents in the USA. (Note hate-stalker "Shakti's" vigorous defense of China. "Shakti" is one of the RRI's most vicious stalkers and was part of the group that stalked two people to death in Massachusetts. Shakti posted many vicious attacks on the mother of one of the victims while the stalkers escaped prosecution because the deaths were ruled suicides.)

Now RRI has spent years trying to whip up a Branch-Davidian style massacre of a small group of Evangelicals here in the US and in Australia, the Jesus-Christians, using the Jesus-Christians' mission of  support for live kidney donation programs as a particularly effective propaganda weapon. The fact that the Jesus-Christians are a nomadic group of highly individualistic Christians has foiled RRI's efforts to push them into a "compound", forcing RRI to rely on a psychopath named Brian Birmingham (posts as "zeuszor") and his friends to personally harass the elderly founders of that group.Yet the same man, Richard Alan Ross, and his entire nonprofit 501 "institute", would have you believe that the Jesus-Christians are a terrible cult because of their practice of encouraging voluntary kidney-donation! That same man, Richard Alan Ross, actually brags of his institute's relationship with the Chinese government in hunting down Falun Gong practitioners here in the USA and turning them over to Chinese authorities for what we now discover is actual forced harvesting of ALL useable organs, done while the victim is still alive rather than post-mortem on life-support, thus guaranteeing higher quality organs taken from healthy people!

The RRI in New Jersey has members all over the country as well as internationally who openly post  death-fantasies  about their targets to recruit more stalkers. ( I have been one of their targets for years. I am not a member of any group but my work as a Catholic social critic, journalist, and artist has ruffled their feathers more than once.) Because of my spiritual vocation, I often could not fully explain to any atheist why this group's predations irked me so much, but now it is becoming very, very clear. The silhouette of Satan that showed itself during the Clinton administration is now showing itself again, and connecting directly back to the ethnic-cleansing policies of that era and the Democrats' nazi-esque program of global genocide. Hillary Clinton was instrumental in forcing American women to accept Chinese misogyny while her close friend Janet Reno was instrumental in forcing the American public to accept the torture and massacre of 83 innocent women and children burned alive in the Branch-Davidian compound in Waco, Texas for the crime of being an inter-racial community. The same man, Richard Alan Ross, who used his stalker-teams and the willing Dallas media to set up that siege was a "consultant" with the FBI and BATF and has enjoyed immunity for all his crimes since. He is like the Teflon Don of left-wing thug vigilante gangs, gangs which primarily stalk inter-racial  groups, which also includes the Jesus-Christians! (Heil Hitlery!).

Consider this: it is close to 20 years since the massacre of the Branch Davidians and the love-affair of Hitlery Clinton with the Chinese Communist regime and during all this time the USA has been systematically building support for a cannibalist, atheist, totalitarian regime that massacres innocent groups of people, which is likely to be Hitlery Clinton's major accomplishment as President, should her supporters continue to hold power over our sadly weakened government. Even without that monstrously evil woman as a leader those Clintonian fascists are likely to promote Chinese cannibalism under the cover of the American medical industry. (If you follow the link, please scroll down to the list of organizations in which Mrs. Clinton worked. They are almost ALL part of the NatLFed fascist political cult!)

Consider the sad shell of what was once the glorious Catholic Church here in the USA: while drunken priests auction off Masses for money and spew sarcasm at the faithful who seek solace in the sacraments, the "priestsforlife" group keeps copies of an old Interfaith manual for a ritual for abortions. Is the same group, composed primarily of Unitarians, Jews, atheists and pseudo-Catholics like Nancy Pelosi or Vice President Biden, also preparing manuals for the ritual harvesting of organs from children and adults? Is it a co-incidence that the Chinese chose a population of Tai-Chi practitioners (extremely healthy) people as their prime target for this modern form of cannibalism?

Is is a co-incidence that the same nazi-like regime in the USA is trying to force a neo-aztec pseudo-religion into our public schools , insisting that our innocent little children accept the live harvesting of hearts by Aztec priests as a "legitimate" religion?

Is it a co-incidence that during the rise of Hitler's Nazis a Polish farm girl named Helena Kowalska (Saint Faustina) saw visions of Jesus pointing to His Sacred Heart, pouring out rays of Divine Mercy, and then many Polish Catholics brought their faith to bear on surviving that initial upsurge of Satanic politics?

Is it a co-incidence that now many American Catholics are turning to those same visions just as the USA is at the beginning of a fully Chinese-style repression of all Christians, but most especially of devout, traditional Catholics?

Please pass this article on as I go back to reinforce my statements with appropriate links. God bless you for reading thus far, please know that these people in the Democrat party are relentless in their effort to silence me and all who write as I do. (But don't hold your breath about Republicans! They need to adopt the Ostrich as their mascot!) Pray for me and for all who are seeing these things happen and are feeling isolated and confused by the events that Rick Ross, Hillary Clinton, and that Satanic cult in Washington DC cannot disguise much longer. There is real power in prayer, especially prayer directed through fellowship among all the saints who have faced these Nazis in the past. Pray for all the Falun Gong believers who are as strong in their martyrdom as all the early Christians, and please recognize that the American thugs who follow Hilary Clinton and the Rick Ross Institute are ignorant knuckledraggers who would not know the difference between a traditional Chinese Tai Chi practice and a Falun Gong practice if they saw it, and would not understand the close relationship between such meditation practice and traditional Christian mysticism if they saw it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Obedience or Freedom? Some Questions...

I am a free person. Free in spirit, flesh, and soul. Free in mind and body. 

Yet, I follow a religion that teaches some extreme forms of obedience.

How can I make all of these statements and assert that they are all true? Is this possible?

When I did not follow a spiritual path I did not answer to anyone or any set of beliefs, laws, or guidelines, and I was not free. I was not free because in that manner of life, it is necessary to continuously adjust oneself to the actions and ideas of other people. But in choosing a spiritual path, then I had to push the people around me into second place.I became free of their demands. Yet, in obedience to that spiritual path, I must act out of charity and love, and so my own demands must be placed second to theirs....

What is a spiritual path? 

Well, this is really two questions:

What is a path?
A path is a well-worn track in the ground. It may have been made just by the habit of many people walking daily along the same trail or it may have been deliberately mapped out ahead of time and constructed by one person or a few people cutting through the overgrowth and smoothing out the stones, filling in the holes, and setting up signs to point out the direction of the path.

What is spiritual?
It is that which involves the "spirit" or the non-physical, unseen and intangible part of our bodies that carries the spark of life without which our minds cannot think and our hearts cannot beat.

A person who is not following a path is, of necessity, struggling against brambles and mudpits, trespassing on terrain owned by others, taking risks, and possibly getting lost. This is true in the physical world, where you can get in a lot of trouble if you try to drive off-road even if you have a good vehicle for the purpose. It is just as  true in the spiritual world where you can have experiences that are perplexing and overwhelming if you experiment with various tools or practices without knowing what they really are for and who really designed them. If you choose to go forward with no path, how can you be free of all the obstacles and confusion that will beset you in the wilderness? For even one who goes into the wilderness, in the physical world, must follow a set of rules in behavior in order to survive. Likewise in the spiritual, for the two worlds are entangled.

Here is a Scripture: Saint Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians,  Chapter 3, Verse 17: "Where the LORD is, there is liberty."

What does this mean?  What is the place referred to by the word "where" and who is the "LORD"?

There is a writer from the fourth century named Saint Augustine who wrote about "The City of God" but really was writing about two cities, the "City of Man" as well as the "City of God". This is the location to which Saint Paul is referring in 2Cor. 3:17, "The City of God". It is not a physical place, but it is a spiritual place. The "LORD" to whom he refers is the God of Abraham, Yahweh, the God of Moses, the one Jesus called "Father".  Recently my parish priest spoke about "Who" this LORD is. He pointed out that when Moses asked God what he should say when Pharoah asked him who was sending him to speak for the Israelites, God said "Tell him I AM is the one who sends you."

I AM:   the self? myself? I am sending myself? Moses was given the first taste of true liberty. He was not compelled to obey God, but he freely agreed to do so. His "self" then became absorbed in the "Self" that is God, for God described Himself to Moses as the Ultimate Central Essence of Consciousness, and only in full compliance with that Self could Moses himself succeed in freeing the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.  Full compliance = obedience.

"Where the LORD is, there is liberty."

"In the Spiritual City where the Ultimate Central Essence of (your) Consciousness is, there you will be free."

And if you cannot get into that City and you do not obey that Self, you cannot be free.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Here We Go Again: Rickross forum terrorists attacking as usual...

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

Originally published in June:
After over two years of peace and quiet, the thugs who work for a United States and Chinese government-sponsored hate group are stalking the same innocent old "Jesus" freaks they've always hated (I identify the thugs who work for Richard Alan Ross and his Boston comrade Steven Hassan as "government-sponsored" because Richard Alan Ross is the same Arizona felon who ran a very successful hate campaign against the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas during the Clintons' first term in the White House, the campaign that culminated in the tragic massacre of 83 innocent women and children among David Koresh's followers. The US gov 't contracted Richard Alan Ross as a consultant in stalking and besieging groups based on religious orientations during and after that tragedy. The Chinese government now employs the Ross group against Falun Gong practitioners, hunting them down in the USA.)

Go to the forum in the "cults, sects and new religious movements" section and look up the "Jesus Christians, Dave McKay, Truth Believers..." thread, page 109. You'll see the top postings are from 2012 but then the last postings are very recent, by a self-described mentally ill person using the stalker name "J-C-watcher". Read his description of a small group of simple, relatively impoverished Christian evangelists in Sydney, Australia and tell me you don't get a deep chill in your soul! It is a highly detailed account of where these innocent people might be parking a car, very close physical descriptions of them, and incredibly mob-style, hateful descriptions of their alleged personalities, all supported by Richard Ross and his minion "corboy" as if this simple description and invitation to hate-stalk an elderly couple and their friends is a call to arms in a noble war of some kind! (Rick Alan Ross has that domain for sale but has stated it will exist under a new domain. He is trying to duck all the links that have had some success in alerting legitimate law enforcement agencies to his threats on individuals in their constituencies. He is naïve if he thinks this ploy will succeed.)

The truth about the Jesus Christians is this: Dave and Cherry McKay have shared the road-evangelist life for years, as have millions of people all over the world, Christians, wandering zen monks, self-proclaimed religious seers, etc.  The hate being thrown at them is the tip of the Nazi iceberg in the USA. This hate group (The Richard Alan Ross Institute) operates out of Trenton New Jersey. Steven Hassan is being described in their site as if he is not part of them because he is now a columnist for the national-socialist media at the Huffington Post, but that is a false rivalry. Hassan employs one of Rick Ross's main hate-posters in the anti-Christian campaign, a mental patient named Brian Birmingham who posts as  zeuszor & oerlikon among others in the Rick Ross hate forums. Hassan's position as a Huffington Post columnist is part of his position within the Democratic party and is also probably part of the reason Rick Ross recently expanded his religious-group target list to include any and all "controversial" groups. (This happened just at the same time as the IRS began asking nonprofit applicants to list the contents of prayers they might say if they are claiming a philosophical or religious status under the nonprofit rules. Strange con-incidence, in my opinion.)

This entire hate stalking ring is government-protected and sponsored. Birmingham is a veteran kicked out of the army and out of Iraq for mental illness (and this was during the stop-loss-campaign! military readers will know what this must mean about his mental dangerousness, to have been considered too dangerous for Iraq in those years!)

Read "J-C-watcher's" posts carefully. I can tell you the chracterization of the McKays is a total LIE. I am Catholic, practicing a form of Zen Catholicism, and I have had many conversations with the McKays and with numerous JC's. They are all decent people, the same assortment you would find in any church. McKay certainly does not control anyone and no one has ever been told he is "messaiah" except by the Ross hate-stalkers. In fact, if you actually read McKay's book "Survivors" (a rebuttal to the LaHaye "Left Behind" nonsense) you will see all his commentaries and you can read them online in several places ( and see for yourself that he does not write with any claims of special authority, but simply converses as anyone would.

This "J-C-watcher" has the same complaint Brian Birmingham and several others have about the McKays: they did not give him money and goods when he wanted them to. He wants these good people described and hated unto death because he woke up one day to find they had moved on without him. Birmingham himself did the same thing, not only to the McKays but to a homeless-service group in Dallas Texas called the Trinity Foundation, which kicked Birmingham out of their community after discovering he had lied about his own poverty to get in, he was using drugs, and he was stalking their members.

What kind of crime is it when you attack people for failing to give you stuff?  Oh, and a little research on the readers' part will show that Richard Alan Ross started his career the same way, in Arizona. Some jewelry store owner refused to give him what he wanted and he ended up as a convicted felon for trying to blow the place up. Go to or google ross institute countelpro, and you will see enough for yourself to understand my blog's focus.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cracks in the Trojan Horse?

 (Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

Mitt Romney, who failed to do anything about the history of atrocious Democrat-led/driven corruption during his tenure in Massachusetts, has allowed two cracks to give us a glimpse into the betrayal that awaits those of us who think a vote for him is anything more than a symbolic slap at the fascists in Washington.

Here are the cracks: Condoleeza Rice flirted with the subject of education by making a negative reference to "neighborhood schools" in spite of the fact that it is the destruction of the old (pre-1970's)neighborhood school system that resulted in the generation of illiterate students AND teachers. We are seeing the bitter fruit now in Chicago. There is only one way to avoid neighborhood school control and that is federal control. Is Rice jockeying for position in Romney's cabinet so that any challenge to the planned betrayal of conservative hopes for education can be played as racist? That is how the Dems will play it (may already be playing it if they read this column) and Romney, in true CEO style, will stand off to one side with hands as clean as a Roman governor's.

The other and perhaps more sinister glimpse we are getting into the plans Romney's deeper backers have for us is in the recent remark Romney made about allowing indefinite ages of dependency in family health insurance plans. Was it a gaff? Consider the degree to which Romney as governor ignored the funneling of federal funds through corrupt left wing fraud channels in Massachusetts, and a good deal of that through groups like the hate-for-hire training camp Meadow Haven operated by Rob and Judy Pardon and the NEIRR (a religious cult group) in Lakeville, Massachusetts, hardly more than a subsidiary of the hate-for-hire group Rick A. Ross Institute based in New Jersey, the one famous for helping the Clintons get away with the Waco massacre of the Branch Davidians (whether massacred in a state of suicidal fear or by inept and overzealous ATF/FBI forces, it was still a massacre of more than 80 innocent people.)

Romney, and all the Republicans, have always remained silent on these things.

A look at the history of the hate brigades led by Rick Alan Ross, Brian Birmingham, Malcolm Wrest (of Korea) and the Pardons and their ilk shows that they all work on behalf of families who wish to control, to the point of slave-ownership, their individual members. Once hired, they assist in attacking every form of relationship, business, work or other activity that the individual non-conformist may have which the controlling family wants to stop. Liberal family fearful that a young adult is giving up a lucrative career to become a street-evangelist? No problem: just sic'em on that young man or woman. Muslim family fearful of a convert? No problem. Jewish bigots angry at a Messianic relative? no problem.

Now add to it that Romney proposes allowing the families to take full control of the member's health plans, forcing a son or daughter who married "wrong" to abort, forcing a talented athlete to perform, and on and on....

Where does it end? I have had many lengthy conversations privately with victims of the US gov't supported hate brigade that operates in the Northeast with such boldness it is obscene, and if I were to betray trust and publish some of those emails you would see the proof, but that is unnecessary. Anyone can google through my references in these freedom columns and see the entire picture for themselves. Those who cannot see just by using google that the United States is preparing for a collapse into the most incredible level of total enslavement ever known, well, they wouldn't understand the email conversations anyway.

My daughter, Faith Jackson nee Sojourner Matteau Jackson and her fiance Myron Wix were both murdered in Massachusetts in the summer of 2010 right in the epicenter of the hateful storm that is about to burst on us. Make no mistake about it, their deaths were called suicides like so many others, and Romney wants to quietly enable more such "suicides" inside families, orchestrated by the hate-brigades.

We will see the following events now: Chicago's teacher strike will spiral out of control and will attempt to spread tentacles into other cities through the corrupt public employee unions and Obama's "Community Action" brownshirts. Obama will be required to act. The mess might be inherited by a sure-to-be-embattled Romney administration, Condoleeza Rice will be in the thick of it, and all of us who dare question or criticize will be in concentration camps if not killed outright. It really doesn't matter who gets elected this time. A vote for Romney is a symbolic slap at the Democrats, but certainly not a genuine hope for any kind of change

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Carrying On In Apocalyptic Mode: Gus St Silva? Another victim of the Massachusetts Neo-nazis?

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

There is so much to post, yet so little to say that could really matter in these times. I am coming up to the second anniversary of the death of my daughter, who was killed in Massachusetts at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Her body was found in the Sylvan dormitory and it was ruled a suicide. One month before her death, her fiance Myron Wix died, also ruled a suicide, although his father vehemently insisted that his son, too, was killed.

I have not been able to find out the details of my daughter's last weeks or days. I do know that she was not depressed, but she was srurrounded by the Massachusetts ghouls who enforce gay culture and who were attacking her and Myron for even considering having a natural family, bringing their own children into the world. I know that she was buying a car and planning to visit me, but as usual, she was attacked by the people up there who have such vehement hatred for all that I represented in her life: the conservative Christian mother, seen always through their eyes of bigotry and hate. Faith tried so hard to please them and was just beginning to understand, as she said in her last letter just why we had lived under such terrible attack at all times.

The same group who had stalked and hounded me for years, the Rick Ross Institute (you can find them at also attacked a man at UMass recently, a veterans' councillor for attempting to blow a whistle on one of their activists, UMass student Brian Birmingham, for apparently getting access to about $9,000 in unauthorized benefits. (Birmingham is "zeuszor" and possibly also "Apollo" in the rickross hate forum).

Rick Ross rounded up his cohorts in Massachusetts, the charlatans Rob and Judy Pardon who run the "Meadow Haven" private prison in Massachusetts where they use "theological" credentials to claim professional status as "counselors", and where Birmingham has acted as a staff member. A professional who was giving nutrition workshops at the center and who knew Birmingham was an inmate filed complaints, to little effect, with Massachusetts about seeing him introduced as a fellow staffer when new patients arrived. (Among other things, Birmingham was witnessed harrassing female patients who had accepted the Pardons' charlatan assistance for leaving an agricutural commune group, the "Twelve Tribes". The Pardons have close connections to the Democrat Party's fascist nazi-like left factions, especially Scott Harshbarger and Martha Coakley, both former Massachusetts attorney-generals who enabled Democrat assaults on all forms of Christian family life)

The Pardons with Birmingham and with UMass help ran a petition among the gullible UMass students to get Gus St Silva, a very well-respected professional counselor with REAL experience, fired. Now they are dogging him out of life completely.  UMass did NOTHING to protect this man. The Pardons and their ilk were able to appear unconnnected "concerned citizens" to anyone who read their slander in the leftwing fascist petition sites and only their other victims, people like me and like that whistle-blower who saw Brian in action with the Pardons and like the hounded McKay evangelists could recognize tthat this  same group of criminal fraudsters running a mob assault on yet another innocent person. One of the members of the gang that petition-attacked St Silva is Malcolom Wrest, an Australian hiding in Korea who once tried to make off with the McKays' evangelism funds when he and some other members, including Brian Birmingham, tried to form their own missionary group. McKay stopped them and tried fruitlessly to come to peaceful crhistian accord with them, and now lives with his wife in hiding from their continuous assaults. These people are in their seventies, living this way because of this Massachusetts-based terrorist type of group, a hate group that uses every form of religious bigorty to attack innocent individuals and familes! Birmingham also got in trouble in Dallas Texas for stealing benefits from the Trinity Foundation, a homeless-shelter group run by muckraker Ole Anthony who once wrote expose's of televangelists in a Lutheran satirical magazine. Birmingham is using his UMass credentials now to attack any and all the freedom-loving, random individuals who simply try to live according to Christian principles without all the hoopla of setting up those private prisons like the Meadow Haven hell-hole in Lakeville, Massachusetts.

How did Birmingham, a supposedly impoverished and allegedly disabled veteran (kicked out of Iraq for mental illness) manage to immediately pay back the $9,000 so that he would lose no more than a semester at UMass? He now is selling himself as a psychologist with backing from that Massachusetts nazi-esque gang, all of whom run their games through the horrible gullible church structures, the faux-churches, Pardons even calling themselves Anglican pastors!  Gag---choke--forgive me I can hardly type. Here in Texas they have their charlaten friends in Dallas, Wendy and Doug Duncan, who worked closely with Brian in his assaults on Ole Anthony's shelter group. Those people working with Anthony had worked hard to rehabilitate derelict housing, all with the blessing of the city, and the attacks washed off their backs, but still affect the innocents who accidently come into the criminal sights of the Duncans, the Pardons, the rick Rosses: ALL of these people claiming false credentials, NONE of them able to qualify for licensed status, but ALL able to destroy families and lives for their OWN PROFITS! $$$$!!!!! Google all these names. I will come back and update with links, but it will take you only ten minutes in Google to see the truth in what I am writing.

How far is this going to go? Listen to my daughter describe, with her last words, that certain people HELPED HER COMPOSE HER FINAL STATEMENT!!!!  Her letter is in a video in her facebook memorial page, where I read it according to her last wishes to have it published. It is also in Youtube and in my personal facebook page. I read it a few weeks after her death. Birmingham and others in the Rick Ross group attacked me, insisting that all memory of her be erased. Stockbridge Massachusetts police know that they had an alert on Birmingham about two months vbefore her death because he had been stalking her by contacting me weith questions about her.

Those who attacked her included people at UMASS, and I do know several by name, but I lack the money and influence to purchase justice that would embarrass the Massachusetts elite, an elite that includes some of my own relatives. I can only write whatever I find to say in these moments and I can only hope that someone, somewhere, will read this article and understand that the money it takes to have a full private investigation of Sojourner Matteau (Faith) Jackson's death and the hounding of UMass counsellor Gus Saint-Silva and to get past the mafia-like, nazi-esque mob that runs Massachusetts, that money will be well worth it. Please contact me via . I am willing to sign all profits from this story over to the backers. It will indeed be a best-seller and will indeed pay you well for the risks you are taking. You can use the profits to fund your cause or provide for your loved ones. Just help me tell the story of what really happened to my family.

I live in Corpus Christi, Texas now, free of any fear of these people or anything they can do to me. I want only to see justice done and the shackles of that ghoulish mob removed from this land. I am not unrealistic. I am a witness to all that Christ has bidden us to endure while we all wait for His Ultimate Justice.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good year!

I have been hibernating off the grid for a while but I will be back online soon. Everyone should hake a vacation from media during stressful times, I think, but most of us are afraid of "losing touch". I certainly felt that way, but having done it for the past six months or so, I must say I not only did not lose touch with what is happening in the world and among my friends, but I discovered a deeper and more secure connection with things that matter. The news, or what passes for news in the media seems only to repeat itself in ever-blurring spirals. The gloom of exagerated panic that infests the talkers evaporates in the face of reality that is not so gloomy at all.

Yes, I do know of all the unrest in places like the Mideast and of all the economic upheavals, but the sun still rises and sets and people still greet each other with a friendly smile in my world. Will I be helping anyone in those upset places if I share the political panic that has caused their societies to collapse? No. Will I help anyone by remaining content in the place I am, always ready to share a meal and a conversation? Maybe.

And so I will go for the "maybe" and get a head start on my New Year's Resolution: No friends of mine need go hungry or lonely in this coming year. Hospitality is one of the oldest commands for our spiritual health, and it is one of the first practices to fall under suspicion in a spiritually unhealthy world. This is why Christmas, that most hospitable of seasons, has been so viciously attacked by the fear-mongering and hate-worshipping media.

Ah, pass me a cup of mulled wine and tell me what you've been up to, my love, for we live in interesting times.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Obama's Queer Politics: Democrats Embrace Whitey's Violent Tyranny

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

Recently President Barack Obama spoke at a political event and praised the fascist stormtroopers of the Democrat party, urging them to increase their assaults on all aspects of private life, personal freedom, and civil peace. (I'll add more reference links shortly since I'm typing extemporaneously here.) In words that promise nothing short of civil war, he urged his fascist activists to continue their grassroots warfare lest there be any refuge left for Americans to maintain our capacity to think, believe, love and live free of the soul-killing death culture of the American gay movement which is the ultimate expression of fascism in the world today.

When will Black America finally take him on and protest the castration of all young men, especially Black young men, by Obama's white Democrat fascists? Is Freud so deeply buried in his grave that no psychoanalyst lives who can point out that in the long history of slavery, especially color-based slavery, the open and public castration of a healthy young male was a key element in the control of the entire slave population by a few owners? Can no-one see that the modern gay fascism of the Democratic Party in the USA is essentially the slave-owners' exercise in castrating the Black race by promoting homosexual identity as an equivalent of racial identity? Is there no anthropologist who is willing to point out that throughout history, women of slave classes have been denied the right to raise their own young and that the almost 100% white lesbian fascists are doing the same thing, grabbing young girls at adolescence and taking control of early pregnancies so that they can rip the babies from the womb and kill them at the first opportunity?

And now let's digress to speak of Whitey. Not as in "Whitey", the epithet we used to hear shouted by enraged young Black men, but as in "Whitey" the Irish mobster from Boston. The Boston Globe, which competes with the New York Times in its embodiment of Mein Kampf's darkest propaganda dreams speaks of William Bulgeras having the "Aura" about him of his brother Whitey Bulger's career. (The link leads to the Boston Globe but you'll have to search "aura" and "bulger" to see the exact article.)

Now, while we try to exhume psychonalysts and anthropologists of yore to shed some light on the castration of the American Black race by the mulatto president, let's see if we can also exhume some linguists to shed some light on the use of the word "aura" to describe the influence of a vicious violent criminal, a murderous Irish mafiosi who did not keep his own hands clean from his bloodlust.

"Aura" is usually a positive, glowing, spiritually uplifting term, stopping just short of "halo". The Bulger brothers rose side by side in American politics in the wake of the segregation war in the schoolyards of Southie. One of the brothers, James aka Whitey, went directly into the honest life of thugs who kill people for their own power. He had an admirer while he was growing up: John Connally. William Bulger went from local political office to the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Whitey Bulger went from the street gangs into the FBI, where he was welcomed as an "assett" by John Connally, whose admiration never faltered even as Whitey's criminal dossier grew. Among the links I'll soon be adding here is a mention of how Whitey personally strangled the daughter of a girlfriend of one of his henchmen. There are nineteen murders that the FBI admits Whitey personally committed or participated in while serving not only as informant, but as mentor to the Boston FBI's field commander John Connally. He really would be seen as a serial killer if he were not a vital part of his brother William's political career, and a vital part of the Democrat party's stranglehold on Massachusetts and via Massachusetts, the Party, and via the Party, the nation.

And those two brothers are actually part of the inner circle that helps form the leadership of the modern American Reich of the mulatto Obama and his white queen, Hitlery Clinton. The Clintons are also part of the key to why the FBI could not prevent or control the Connally-Bulger mob activity. Bill Clinton, that old Southern Democrat, decentralized the FBI offices while he was in power, hampering oversight of one of the Democrats' most important assetts: the Boston FBI office.

Please bookmark this thread and forward it to your friends. I'll be updating it frequently with supporting links and notes as I dig back into the timeline of this dark & unfinished chapter in American history.