Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cracks in the Trojan Horse?

 (Please note: the "rickross.com" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "culteducation.com" forum)

Mitt Romney, who failed to do anything about the history of atrocious Democrat-led/driven corruption during his tenure in Massachusetts, has allowed two cracks to give us a glimpse into the betrayal that awaits those of us who think a vote for him is anything more than a symbolic slap at the fascists in Washington.

Here are the cracks: Condoleeza Rice flirted with the subject of education by making a negative reference to "neighborhood schools" in spite of the fact that it is the destruction of the old (pre-1970's)neighborhood school system that resulted in the generation of illiterate students AND teachers. We are seeing the bitter fruit now in Chicago. There is only one way to avoid neighborhood school control and that is federal control. Is Rice jockeying for position in Romney's cabinet so that any challenge to the planned betrayal of conservative hopes for education can be played as racist? That is how the Dems will play it (may already be playing it if they read this column) and Romney, in true CEO style, will stand off to one side with hands as clean as a Roman governor's.

The other and perhaps more sinister glimpse we are getting into the plans Romney's deeper backers have for us is in the recent remark Romney made about allowing indefinite ages of dependency in family health insurance plans. Was it a gaff? Consider the degree to which Romney as governor ignored the funneling of federal funds through corrupt left wing fraud channels in Massachusetts, and a good deal of that through groups like the hate-for-hire training camp Meadow Haven operated by Rob and Judy Pardon and the NEIRR (a religious cult group) in Lakeville, Massachusetts, hardly more than a subsidiary of the hate-for-hire group Rick A. Ross Institute based in New Jersey, the one famous for helping the Clintons get away with the Waco massacre of the Branch Davidians (whether massacred in a state of suicidal fear or by inept and overzealous ATF/FBI forces, it was still a massacre of more than 80 innocent people.)

Romney, and all the Republicans, have always remained silent on these things.

A look at the history of the hate brigades led by Rick Alan Ross, Brian Birmingham, Malcolm Wrest (of Korea) and the Pardons and their ilk shows that they all work on behalf of families who wish to control, to the point of slave-ownership, their individual members. Once hired, they assist in attacking every form of relationship, business, work or other activity that the individual non-conformist may have which the controlling family wants to stop. Liberal family fearful that a young adult is giving up a lucrative career to become a street-evangelist? No problem: just sic'em on that young man or woman. Muslim family fearful of a convert? No problem. Jewish bigots angry at a Messianic relative? no problem.

Now add to it that Romney proposes allowing the families to take full control of the member's health plans, forcing a son or daughter who married "wrong" to abort, forcing a talented athlete to perform, and on and on....

Where does it end? I have had many lengthy conversations privately with victims of the US gov't supported hate brigade that operates in the Northeast with such boldness it is obscene, and if I were to betray trust and publish some of those emails you would see the proof, but that is unnecessary. Anyone can google through my references in these freedom columns and see the entire picture for themselves. Those who cannot see just by using google that the United States is preparing for a collapse into the most incredible level of total enslavement ever known, well, they wouldn't understand the email conversations anyway.

My daughter, Faith Jackson nee Sojourner Matteau Jackson and her fiance Myron Wix were both murdered in Massachusetts in the summer of 2010 right in the epicenter of the hateful storm that is about to burst on us. Make no mistake about it, their deaths were called suicides like so many others, and Romney wants to quietly enable more such "suicides" inside families, orchestrated by the hate-brigades.

We will see the following events now: Chicago's teacher strike will spiral out of control and will attempt to spread tentacles into other cities through the corrupt public employee unions and Obama's "Community Action" brownshirts. Obama will be required to act. The mess might be inherited by a sure-to-be-embattled Romney administration, Condoleeza Rice will be in the thick of it, and all of us who dare question or criticize will be in concentration camps if not killed outright. It really doesn't matter who gets elected this time. A vote for Romney is a symbolic slap at the Democrats, but certainly not a genuine hope for any kind of change