Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Obama's Queer Politics: Democrats Embrace Whitey's Violent Tyranny

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Recently President Barack Obama spoke at a political event and praised the fascist stormtroopers of the Democrat party, urging them to increase their assaults on all aspects of private life, personal freedom, and civil peace. (I'll add more reference links shortly since I'm typing extemporaneously here.) In words that promise nothing short of civil war, he urged his fascist activists to continue their grassroots warfare lest there be any refuge left for Americans to maintain our capacity to think, believe, love and live free of the soul-killing death culture of the American gay movement which is the ultimate expression of fascism in the world today.

When will Black America finally take him on and protest the castration of all young men, especially Black young men, by Obama's white Democrat fascists? Is Freud so deeply buried in his grave that no psychoanalyst lives who can point out that in the long history of slavery, especially color-based slavery, the open and public castration of a healthy young male was a key element in the control of the entire slave population by a few owners? Can no-one see that the modern gay fascism of the Democratic Party in the USA is essentially the slave-owners' exercise in castrating the Black race by promoting homosexual identity as an equivalent of racial identity? Is there no anthropologist who is willing to point out that throughout history, women of slave classes have been denied the right to raise their own young and that the almost 100% white lesbian fascists are doing the same thing, grabbing young girls at adolescence and taking control of early pregnancies so that they can rip the babies from the womb and kill them at the first opportunity?

And now let's digress to speak of Whitey. Not as in "Whitey", the epithet we used to hear shouted by enraged young Black men, but as in "Whitey" the Irish mobster from Boston. The Boston Globe, which competes with the New York Times in its embodiment of Mein Kampf's darkest propaganda dreams speaks of William Bulgeras having the "Aura" about him of his brother Whitey Bulger's career. (The link leads to the Boston Globe but you'll have to search "aura" and "bulger" to see the exact article.)

Now, while we try to exhume psychonalysts and anthropologists of yore to shed some light on the castration of the American Black race by the mulatto president, let's see if we can also exhume some linguists to shed some light on the use of the word "aura" to describe the influence of a vicious violent criminal, a murderous Irish mafiosi who did not keep his own hands clean from his bloodlust.

"Aura" is usually a positive, glowing, spiritually uplifting term, stopping just short of "halo". The Bulger brothers rose side by side in American politics in the wake of the segregation war in the schoolyards of Southie. One of the brothers, James aka Whitey, went directly into the honest life of thugs who kill people for their own power. He had an admirer while he was growing up: John Connally. William Bulger went from local political office to the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Whitey Bulger went from the street gangs into the FBI, where he was welcomed as an "assett" by John Connally, whose admiration never faltered even as Whitey's criminal dossier grew. Among the links I'll soon be adding here is a mention of how Whitey personally strangled the daughter of a girlfriend of one of his henchmen. There are nineteen murders that the FBI admits Whitey personally committed or participated in while serving not only as informant, but as mentor to the Boston FBI's field commander John Connally. He really would be seen as a serial killer if he were not a vital part of his brother William's political career, and a vital part of the Democrat party's stranglehold on Massachusetts and via Massachusetts, the Party, and via the Party, the nation.

And those two brothers are actually part of the inner circle that helps form the leadership of the modern American Reich of the mulatto Obama and his white queen, Hitlery Clinton. The Clintons are also part of the key to why the FBI could not prevent or control the Connally-Bulger mob activity. Bill Clinton, that old Southern Democrat, decentralized the FBI offices while he was in power, hampering oversight of one of the Democrats' most important assetts: the Boston FBI office.

Please bookmark this thread and forward it to your friends. I'll be updating it frequently with supporting links and notes as I dig back into the timeline of this dark & unfinished chapter in American history.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I was never silenced

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Right now the hired mob over at (one of Rick Alan Ross's members' hate sites) as well as in his own at are howling that I have been "silenced" while simultaneously howling that I am somehow contacting the fictitious Sisi by phone at all hours and her husband has the Canadian version of 911 looking for me. (Susan Smith Summers, aka Verite Evangeline, a Canadian according to "herself" & also known as one "Al Antony", an Australian, according to some observers.)

A. I have never been contacted by any attorney or any police department on behalf of anybody's attempt to silence me. None would, since I have done nothing wrong and I have told only the truth, in its plain ugly self. My choice to publish or not at any given time is purely voluntary.

B. I have not made any of the phone calls Ms. Verite Evangeline describes.

As far as "silencing" me is concerned, if there were legal procedings of any kind, I can assure you I would have been told by lawyers on both sides to remove what I have already published while we fight in Court. That has not happened, and I have left old material up specifically to maintain this proof in the face of Verite aka Nick and Kate/Cait Croft's lies (since they publish the Rick Ross-affiliated site that contains most of the attacks, "Verite Evangelene" may as well be considered to be Kate Croft herself, if not Nick in a petticoat)

Verite is also claiming to be involved with one of my relatives. Which one, pray tell? Is it Joseph Burke, the nephew who helped kill Barry Griffin and Richard Retzel in 1981? His mother, Rene Burke, the retired GE executive who was implicated in the PCB spill (which, interestingly enough, seems to have involved other families of the "Lenox 7" gang that included my nephew, also included one Peter Bianco, one Todd Terpak, and a few others. The drowned victims included the son of Barry Griffin Sr, a union official who could have blown the whistle on the PCB contamination while it was going on in the 1980's, had he not been distracted by the murder of his own son, and by the fact that one of the killers was the son of a very-well-known executive secretary in charge of the disposal of materials at GE!) If I have done wrong in being so frank and open about my accusations towards certain of my relatives, especially those whose careers have impacted so many people in Massachusetts and beyond, why have none of them defended themselves? Wouldn't their own words speak volumes over mine, if they were not guilty of everything I have written?

No, I have not been silenced.

Timing is everything, as the saying goes. Consider the timing of the killing of the Griffin boy. My family was also involved, directly and heavily involed, in tthe deaths of Myron Wix and Faith Jackson (my own daughter) last summer. They maintain the same silence about their roles in those events that the Kennedies have maintained about their role in protecting Senator Ted Kennedy after the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne in Chapaquiddick Pond.

And there is indeed a very slender thread connecting those events and the influence of family connections and corrupt covering-up of crimes committed by important family members. My family is indeed a branch of the same Democrat old-boy network that has ruled New England corruption for generations.

I'm publishing this note today mainly as an update to those who have been following the rise of fascism in the USA, especially the strange little group of gay brownshirts that constitutes the Rick A. Ross Institute. If I have piqued the curiousity of new readers, post your questions and I will try to direct you to the sources of this saga in chronological order. "Anonymous" posting is allowed in this blog, so you needn't worry about exposing yourself to hate-stalkers like "Verite Evangelene", Brian Birmingham, or any of the other members of the Rick Ross brownshirts.