Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Here We Go Again: Rickross forum terrorists attacking as usual...

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

Originally published in June:
After over two years of peace and quiet, the thugs who work for a United States and Chinese government-sponsored hate group are stalking the same innocent old "Jesus" freaks they've always hated (I identify the thugs who work for Richard Alan Ross and his Boston comrade Steven Hassan as "government-sponsored" because Richard Alan Ross is the same Arizona felon who ran a very successful hate campaign against the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas during the Clintons' first term in the White House, the campaign that culminated in the tragic massacre of 83 innocent women and children among David Koresh's followers. The US gov 't contracted Richard Alan Ross as a consultant in stalking and besieging groups based on religious orientations during and after that tragedy. The Chinese government now employs the Ross group against Falun Gong practitioners, hunting them down in the USA.)

Go to the forum in the "cults, sects and new religious movements" section and look up the "Jesus Christians, Dave McKay, Truth Believers..." thread, page 109. You'll see the top postings are from 2012 but then the last postings are very recent, by a self-described mentally ill person using the stalker name "J-C-watcher". Read his description of a small group of simple, relatively impoverished Christian evangelists in Sydney, Australia and tell me you don't get a deep chill in your soul! It is a highly detailed account of where these innocent people might be parking a car, very close physical descriptions of them, and incredibly mob-style, hateful descriptions of their alleged personalities, all supported by Richard Ross and his minion "corboy" as if this simple description and invitation to hate-stalk an elderly couple and their friends is a call to arms in a noble war of some kind! (Rick Alan Ross has that domain for sale but has stated it will exist under a new domain. He is trying to duck all the links that have had some success in alerting legitimate law enforcement agencies to his threats on individuals in their constituencies. He is naïve if he thinks this ploy will succeed.)

The truth about the Jesus Christians is this: Dave and Cherry McKay have shared the road-evangelist life for years, as have millions of people all over the world, Christians, wandering zen monks, self-proclaimed religious seers, etc.  The hate being thrown at them is the tip of the Nazi iceberg in the USA. This hate group (The Richard Alan Ross Institute) operates out of Trenton New Jersey. Steven Hassan is being described in their site as if he is not part of them because he is now a columnist for the national-socialist media at the Huffington Post, but that is a false rivalry. Hassan employs one of Rick Ross's main hate-posters in the anti-Christian campaign, a mental patient named Brian Birmingham who posts as  zeuszor & oerlikon among others in the Rick Ross hate forums. Hassan's position as a Huffington Post columnist is part of his position within the Democratic party and is also probably part of the reason Rick Ross recently expanded his religious-group target list to include any and all "controversial" groups. (This happened just at the same time as the IRS began asking nonprofit applicants to list the contents of prayers they might say if they are claiming a philosophical or religious status under the nonprofit rules. Strange con-incidence, in my opinion.)

This entire hate stalking ring is government-protected and sponsored. Birmingham is a veteran kicked out of the army and out of Iraq for mental illness (and this was during the stop-loss-campaign! military readers will know what this must mean about his mental dangerousness, to have been considered too dangerous for Iraq in those years!)

Read "J-C-watcher's" posts carefully. I can tell you the chracterization of the McKays is a total LIE. I am Catholic, practicing a form of Zen Catholicism, and I have had many conversations with the McKays and with numerous JC's. They are all decent people, the same assortment you would find in any church. McKay certainly does not control anyone and no one has ever been told he is "messaiah" except by the Ross hate-stalkers. In fact, if you actually read McKay's book "Survivors" (a rebuttal to the LaHaye "Left Behind" nonsense) you will see all his commentaries and you can read them online in several places ( and see for yourself that he does not write with any claims of special authority, but simply converses as anyone would.

This "J-C-watcher" has the same complaint Brian Birmingham and several others have about the McKays: they did not give him money and goods when he wanted them to. He wants these good people described and hated unto death because he woke up one day to find they had moved on without him. Birmingham himself did the same thing, not only to the McKays but to a homeless-service group in Dallas Texas called the Trinity Foundation, which kicked Birmingham out of their community after discovering he had lied about his own poverty to get in, he was using drugs, and he was stalking their members.

What kind of crime is it when you attack people for failing to give you stuff?  Oh, and a little research on the readers' part will show that Richard Alan Ross started his career the same way, in Arizona. Some jewelry store owner refused to give him what he wanted and he ended up as a convicted felon for trying to blow the place up. Go to or google ross institute countelpro, and you will see enough for yourself to understand my blog's focus.


  1. Denise, these latest posts of yours constitute libel against me. Please cease and desist from making these unfounded and completely fictitious claims against myself and my associates. Please also cease and desist from sending any further communication with your personal opinions, complaints, and disparaging or defamatory remarks about myself to any other social media outlets. Failure to comply with this request to cease and desist will result in legal action against you being taken, by myself. Thanks.

  2. There is no lib el against you and you have no basis of legal action, so stop trying to threaten me. You avoided charges in Massachusetts because of your reliance on known thugs, Judy and Robert Pardon and their own fear of being held responsible for using your status as a mental patient as protection while they also promoted you as a treatment partner to those Twelve Tribes members. The Pardons will eventually face charges in Massachusetts as their political friends retire or flee. You are a filthy thug, a criminal, and according to one of the Pardon's own colleagues, a known stalker of mother-daughter pairs. You joined the stalkers of GuruSwamiG because she fits a "type", a self-confident older woman, that is the type you attacked when you attacked Cherry McKay and when you attacked that woman in the Pardon's "clinic" in Lakeville and when you attacked me. You choose your victims carefully enough to know we have less money and clout that your thug friends, but you do not choose wisely. Your attacks on people like me will never succeed in doing you any good at all, but will only result in your eventual incarceration if you don't get yourself killed in a "stand your ground" state the next time you go around peeking in windows like you did in Dallas. I do believe your friends are getting tired of sheltering you from facing the real-life consequences of stalking people the way you do.

    1. Denise, I do believe that you are a paranoid, deluded, and mentally ill woman. Please seek professional help; you clearly need it. Please leave me alone, and stop making up fictions against me. Peace be with you.

  3. Mr Birmingham, how do you explain your latest murderous threat against David and Cherry McKay, in which you claim to have a "sighting" of them in Sacramento? Are you saying that you are there and are stalking someone who looks like them, or that you have a friend there, another member of your gang, who is stalking such a couple? Why? What is the point of what you are doing? This is not a fiction, here is the post by you, "zeuszor", :

    """To whom it may concern:

    I have received new information, telling me that Dave McKay has been sighted in the United States. My report is that he was very recently spotted in California, in the Sacramento area. That he was spotted in the Sacramento area is not so surprising to me; after all, I believe that he and his consort were raised there as children. """

    Mr Birmingham, what do you intend to do if you actually do meet up with the McKays there in Sacramento, or what do you want your cohorts to do, if it is one of them and not you who is stalking that couple?

    How can you possibly claim that Ms Matteau has created fictions about you when your own words are so threatening? How can you call anyone else "paranoid" or "deluded" when all they do is call attention to your sick, demented, and pitiful threats to others? How are you not paranoid, deluded, and dangerous, yourself?