Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Times, They Are Intensifying: China Goes Cannibal

As 2014 and the imminent threat of a presidential bid by Hitlery Clinton grows stronger, a glance back at the Clintonian concept of "Ethnic Cleansing" along with Mrs. Clinton's love affair with the Chinese Communist Party is enough to stop me dead in my tracks.

My own writing in this Freedom blog has tended to focus on the New Jersey-based cult-vigilante stalker-gang known as the Richard  Ross Institute, (RRI in this blog) with only an occasional foray into national and global politics, but as the millenium ticks on, this focus on that particularly nasty nest of nazi-esque vigilantes is becoming more global and more clearly entangled with national and international events. This week the RRI started spreading some chum (bait) in shark-filled waters of an especially disturbing kind: China has institutionalized live-donor organ harvesting of all organs and has been using religious dissidents, mostly Falun Gong (Tai Chi) as well as Christians and others, as the donor population. I'm calling RRI's discussion "bait" because Rick Ross is apparently trying to cover his own involvment in Chinese hunting of Tai Chi dissidents in the USA. (Note hate-stalker "Shakti's" vigorous defense of China. "Shakti" is one of the RRI's most vicious stalkers and was part of the group that stalked two people to death in Massachusetts. Shakti posted many vicious attacks on the mother of one of the victims while the stalkers escaped prosecution because the deaths were ruled suicides.)

Now RRI has spent years trying to whip up a Branch-Davidian style massacre of a small group of Evangelicals here in the US and in Australia, the Jesus-Christians, using the Jesus-Christians' mission of  support for live kidney donation programs as a particularly effective propaganda weapon. The fact that the Jesus-Christians are a nomadic group of highly individualistic Christians has foiled RRI's efforts to push them into a "compound", forcing RRI to rely on a psychopath named Brian Birmingham (posts as "zeuszor") and his friends to personally harass the elderly founders of that group.Yet the same man, Richard Alan Ross, and his entire nonprofit 501 "institute", would have you believe that the Jesus-Christians are a terrible cult because of their practice of encouraging voluntary kidney-donation! That same man, Richard Alan Ross, actually brags of his institute's relationship with the Chinese government in hunting down Falun Gong practitioners here in the USA and turning them over to Chinese authorities for what we now discover is actual forced harvesting of ALL useable organs, done while the victim is still alive rather than post-mortem on life-support, thus guaranteeing higher quality organs taken from healthy people!

The RRI in New Jersey has members all over the country as well as internationally who openly post  death-fantasies  about their targets to recruit more stalkers. ( I have been one of their targets for years. I am not a member of any group but my work as a Catholic social critic, journalist, and artist has ruffled their feathers more than once.) Because of my spiritual vocation, I often could not fully explain to any atheist why this group's predations irked me so much, but now it is becoming very, very clear. The silhouette of Satan that showed itself during the Clinton administration is now showing itself again, and connecting directly back to the ethnic-cleansing policies of that era and the Democrats' nazi-esque program of global genocide. Hillary Clinton was instrumental in forcing American women to accept Chinese misogyny while her close friend Janet Reno was instrumental in forcing the American public to accept the torture and massacre of 83 innocent women and children burned alive in the Branch-Davidian compound in Waco, Texas for the crime of being an inter-racial community. The same man, Richard Alan Ross, who used his stalker-teams and the willing Dallas media to set up that siege was a "consultant" with the FBI and BATF and has enjoyed immunity for all his crimes since. He is like the Teflon Don of left-wing thug vigilante gangs, gangs which primarily stalk inter-racial  groups, which also includes the Jesus-Christians! (Heil Hitlery!).

Consider this: it is close to 20 years since the massacre of the Branch Davidians and the love-affair of Hitlery Clinton with the Chinese Communist regime and during all this time the USA has been systematically building support for a cannibalist, atheist, totalitarian regime that massacres innocent groups of people, which is likely to be Hitlery Clinton's major accomplishment as President, should her supporters continue to hold power over our sadly weakened government. Even without that monstrously evil woman as a leader those Clintonian fascists are likely to promote Chinese cannibalism under the cover of the American medical industry. (If you follow the link, please scroll down to the list of organizations in which Mrs. Clinton worked. They are almost ALL part of the NatLFed fascist political cult!)

Consider the sad shell of what was once the glorious Catholic Church here in the USA: while drunken priests auction off Masses for money and spew sarcasm at the faithful who seek solace in the sacraments, the "priestsforlife" group keeps copies of an old Interfaith manual for a ritual for abortions. Is the same group, composed primarily of Unitarians, Jews, atheists and pseudo-Catholics like Nancy Pelosi or Vice President Biden, also preparing manuals for the ritual harvesting of organs from children and adults? Is it a co-incidence that the Chinese chose a population of Tai-Chi practitioners (extremely healthy) people as their prime target for this modern form of cannibalism?

Is is a co-incidence that the same nazi-like regime in the USA is trying to force a neo-aztec pseudo-religion into our public schools , insisting that our innocent little children accept the live harvesting of hearts by Aztec priests as a "legitimate" religion?

Is it a co-incidence that during the rise of Hitler's Nazis a Polish farm girl named Helena Kowalska (Saint Faustina) saw visions of Jesus pointing to His Sacred Heart, pouring out rays of Divine Mercy, and then many Polish Catholics brought their faith to bear on surviving that initial upsurge of Satanic politics?

Is it a co-incidence that now many American Catholics are turning to those same visions just as the USA is at the beginning of a fully Chinese-style repression of all Christians, but most especially of devout, traditional Catholics?

Please pass this article on as I go back to reinforce my statements with appropriate links. God bless you for reading thus far, please know that these people in the Democrat party are relentless in their effort to silence me and all who write as I do. (But don't hold your breath about Republicans! They need to adopt the Ostrich as their mascot!) Pray for me and for all who are seeing these things happen and are feeling isolated and confused by the events that Rick Ross, Hillary Clinton, and that Satanic cult in Washington DC cannot disguise much longer. There is real power in prayer, especially prayer directed through fellowship among all the saints who have faced these Nazis in the past. Pray for all the Falun Gong believers who are as strong in their martyrdom as all the early Christians, and please recognize that the American thugs who follow Hilary Clinton and the Rick Ross Institute are ignorant knuckledraggers who would not know the difference between a traditional Chinese Tai Chi practice and a Falun Gong practice if they saw it, and would not understand the close relationship between such meditation practice and traditional Christian mysticism if they saw it.

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