Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Cause of Freedom In The New Year

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by D. Matteau

Thank you everyone who is reading this blog. We have had a great start, considering we only date back to October! I've seen visitors coming in from a dozen countries and so I must say gracias, merci beaucoup, graci, danke schen, and much, much more!

I hope to build and expand this bog into a real voice in the cause of free speech, especially freedom of religion. This is not the same thing as a discrimination-based or victim-based cause. This is a cause that recognizes liberty and the right to choose to associate freely with those who share our own peculiar beliefs. I do not recognize any right to interfere with others who believe differently. I believe there are plenty of laws that can be brought to bear against those who commit crimes against others based on disagreement with their religious or philosophical beliefs. Crimes of stalking, harassing, assaulting, libeling, slandering, and interference with employment, business, social relationships or benefit entitlements all can be prosecuted without claiming any special religious or other privilege as long as we all agree on the basic human right of freedom of speech, and even freedom of thought and worship.

My plan for this blog through 2011 is to continue tracing the development of these active vigilante/stalker groups. I would like to invite others who share this concern to contribute directly to this blog as writers. Please contact me if you are interested. You will appear as a team-member when you contribute something, and I would like to set up several "beats" or directions of coverage so that we can efficiently develop a strong resource for free people everywhere.

The budget I have set up is loosely based on $250 a month, which is more than I can afford to invest, and so I placed the subscription and donation system in the sidebar for that purpose. The money will pay for a solid closed forum in which writers can share research and it will also start a seed fund for legal support for writers who are facing retaliation, frivolous lawsuit threats, etc.

Please consider the value of joining together in one blog. We can achieve more in terms of reaching a solid audience by combining our efforts. Of course, writers who already have established blogs can link to them and thus can use this blog to support more interested traffic to their own. Networking in this manner is very powerful.

The forum subscription is set at $5.95 a month. I will open a forum as soon as ten are signed up. The division of that fund is as follows: $.95 of the $5.95 covers expenses. $5.00 goes to the $2,500 annual budget as a loan. In December, everyone will be contacted and asked if they want their loan returned or if they want to leave it in the fund towards the 2012 budget.

Let's make 2011 the Year of the Brave and the Free!

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