Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rick A. Ross Institute Threatens Retaliation "Behind The Scenes"

 (Please note: the "rickross.com" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "culteducation.com" forum)

Dave McKay of the Jesus-Christians just posted a very astute summary of the hate campaign against me in his forum.

I will quote part of it below and certainly everyone is welcome to post comments here. I am particularly concerned that the stalkers in the Rick Ross forum have turned their attention to McKay's wife, who is not at all an outspoken person. Those people hiding behind their nicnames over in those two hate sites, completely facilitated by Rick A. Ross and by Nick and Kait (or Cait, she changes it) Crofts, feel above the law. The Crofts, who are in Australia where the McKays are being threatened by this gang, are not innocent and neither is Rick Ross, who is here in the USA where I am being threatened.

Here is a kink to Dave McKay's post:

There must be more than a hundred pages of hate written over the past few months specifically about Denise Matteau (on the two hate sites). Denise, a 57-year-old Catholic artist, frequently chats into a video camera in her little apartment in Austin, Texas, discussing such things as her budgies, her paintings, and her hobby of growing orchids. Like so many posts on Youtube, Facebook, and similar blogs, hardly anyone ever watches these videos.

However, because Denise has expressed anger against the tactics used on the hate sites that have targeted me personally, and because she has named some of the key players on those sites, she has become the object of a worldwide hate campaign, stretching from Scotland and Korea to Canada and Australia.

Rick Ross has gone into the hate thread that he lets Brian Birnmingham run and posted that Dave McKay has not committed any crimes. After over 500 pages of relentless criminal accusations! It appears Rick Ross is trying to distance himself from the predatory behavior of his Institute's members. But he is allowing Brian Birmingham to follow that disclaimer with more dehumanizing posts about McKay, including a posting of lyrics from a rock song, "Psycho Killer".   If Rick Ross is trying to imitate Pontius Pilate, I think the water in the bowl is too dirty for him to avoid responsibility for that gang.

Why on earth doesn't he delete all those pointless posts of pure hate and demonization and ban Birmingham from the board?  He has no reason to keep that thread up, except to feed a crew of predators. Ross stands to gain thousands of dollars each time his predators corner a target and successfully convince the target's family that a "cult" has stolen their son or daughter. The stalkers always manage to post or deliver some kind of reference to Ross's cult directory and collection of links to member "therapists".

It must be pretty lucrative to justify the risks he takes by supporting Birmingham and the other predators in that forum.

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