Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rick Ross Institute, Croft Hate Site, & Legal Actions

(Please note: the "" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "" forum)

One of the RRI activists, Susan Smith Summers, is posting in several places, including in Nick and Cait Crofts' anti-Jesus-Christian hate site, that there is "some kind of  legal action" against me, and that she has seen a copy of a "letter" that is apparently supposed to have me in a state of fear of some kind of drastic legal action being taken against me. Here's the quote, linked, (and I have the file saved should they edit it):

"There has been some form of action taken against little rose, Cait. Things like that can be long and drawn out and often it's a situation of giving people enough she carries on with her videos"
If such a letter exists, I have not received it.  My videos remain as they are.

I did once receive a letter from a person claiming to represent another subject of my journalism (unconnected to this, it was years ago) and the letter accused me of committing "liable".   It was not just a typo, the supposed lawyer had written the word that way all the way through the letter! *LOL* Somehow I suspect if any kind of letter exists, it is from the same kind of character. The subject of my statements in that case was thoroughly investigated  and sent packing by the people who were originally shocked at what I said was going on.  I'm not worried about Susan Smith Summer's letter, if it exists. What I have said in this blog ain't libel 'cuz it's true and especially since it is indeed newsworthy. What these vigilantes are getting away with in terms of harassing and intimidating individual Christians and their families, and with tax-exempt status besides, is indeed newsworthy.

None of Susan Smith Summers' posts nor any of her echoing cohorts' make any allegations of any actionable statements by me of any kind of falsehood. Her posts are filled with libelous insults about my mental state, lifestyle etc, and strange fabrications , but they do not describe any charges or claims that could justify any kind of legal action. She does not even give the supposed legal action a name. I consider it a fabrication like all her other postings. (One of her strangest fabrications is the recurrent claim that  I had a dispute with Tupperware company. I never was a Tupperware seller, I never even had a Tupperware party. It is embarrassing to think a grown adult can even post such nonsense. But what amazes me is the hysterical alarmist tone this Susan Smith Summers and her cohorts are able to get into these fabrications. She and her cohorts are true masters of the art of emotional propaganda.) If Susan Smith Summers has a copy of a letter about me, then it would have to be a letter that she or someone close to her has written.  If Rick Ross himself were challenging any of my statements in these videos with a libel suit, he would not have any reason  to send Susan Smith Summers a copy of his correspondence unless she were paying him for it or it involved services for which he is paying her. Ross knows he can't bring legal charges against anyone for any of the things I've said about him because those statements are all true and also newsworthy. It is always newsworthy when the vigilantes are trying to manipulate the public into accepting a new Branch Davidian-style tragedy.

Susan Smith Summers has been rumored to have paid Brian Birmingham for his research that he does as part of his work at Rick Ross Institute and she herself has bragged of the money she spends on lawyers in her strange career as an anticult activist.

It is possible that Susan Smith Summers or the Rick Ross Institute has involved some hapless relative of mine in an attempt at an intervention stunt, or convinced someone to pose as an interested party. Susan Smith Summers herself was trying to pose as a personal friend of mine when I first discovered her existence thorugh her posts and she was trying to round up a group of "helpers" in what she hoped would be an "intervention" to rescue me from contact with the Jesus-Christians.  That is what she and the other activists openly discussed in their forums shortly after I refused to co-operate with them. They have a history of involving relatives of targetted victims in signing papers that could approve "interventions" and they will resort to fabricating false relationships if no relative is willing to help them.  Generally, this type of extortionist will find members of a family who have some kind of dispute and then convince one party in the dispute that it can get some kind of benefit from incarcerating or disabling the target. The sole benefit might be to be left alone by the extortion ring.  But there is no dispute in my family, there is no contested estate, and there are 2,000 miles and many years separating us, and certainly none of my relatives have any interest in paying Rick Ross Institute or any of its vigilantes any fees or donations. I must admit I am awful curious to see what kind of "intervention" claim can be dug out of such cold ground, if that is what the phantom letter is all about.

One thing Susan Smith Summers seems to think is a criminal act is when I say "Come on down to Texas and make my day!", as Clint Eastwood might say. *LOL*

Lots of things make my day. Seeing someone like her get arrested and tossed into a Texas jail for filing false legal complaints is one thing that certainly would make my day. Texas is not like a lot of other states. I don't know what Canada or New Jersey are like, but in Texas they look at false or malicious complaints as crimes in and of themselves and they won't even require the subject of such a complaint to file a civil defamation suit. Texas authorities consider it a crime against them, a theft of their time and resources and a besmirching of their integrity if you attempt to use them as a weapon against an innocent person. If they see an obviously falsified complaint before even delivering said "legal letter" (if one exists and is to be delivered by constable) they may be working on charges against the perpetrators without even notifying me.

So, Susan Smith Summers, Brian Birmingham, Nick and Cait Croft, Rick Ross Institute, make my day!  I just looooove Texas! *LOL*

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