Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stalkers In Search Of A Cult

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Now that the Jesus-Christians have disbanded, Brian Birmingham and the other stalkers in the Rick Ross forum have decided on a campaign to convince themselves and others that there is a "Jonestown" in the making.

Realistically, this Jonestown stuff is pure hogwash and nothing more than a very serious libel promoted by Birmingham in order to justify his own criminal stalking behavior and attract more useful idiots to his scheme. The Jesus-Christians reached the point at which a cult might indeed "implode", which is the aging-out of their founder BUT at which any other group would either continue under new leadership OR disband. Since the Jesus-Christians never were a "cult" in the sense Birmingham means, they actually did both of the things HEALTHY groups do. They considered continuing on under the leadership of several of the senior members while the founder, Dave McKay, went into retirement. Then they disbanded. They had completely open-door discussions all the way through the process. The only thing they never announced was exactly when it would happen, as a security measure. The website remains up at because the books are not being burned and no one is hiding it from the public. You can still read the books online there and you can still go to Amazon and order them. Just like you can still buy copies of books written by Christians from anytime in the recent or ancient past.

Birmingham and his stalker gang relentlessly pursued and harassed every individual they could find, including people like myself who don't even support most of the Jesus-Christian theology or practice. So the group disbanded. Now Birmingham is desperately trying to persuade his criminal gang members to continue to stalk individuals, this is so obscenely criminal!

A lovely statement was sent to known friends of the group explaining that Jesus's teachings survive regardless of what each Jesus-Christian decides to do as a follower of Jesus. Friends who know each other remain in touch, of course. Why wouldn't we? That is what healthy groups do when their term of existence expires, for whatever reason. There are dozens of forums all around where we gather, among Quakers and Catholics, Seventh-Day "Sabbath Keepers" and Baptists, because the Jesus-Christians always were non-denominational in that sense. At least one is going into Zen Buddhism of some sort, too.

No "jonestown" oriented group would do such a thing. No "Jim Jones" style cult-leader would consider retiring. Dave Mckay took a lot of criticism for once having predicted "The Fall of America" (and what talk-show pundit hasn't done the same thing?) but unlike cult-leaders, who claim some higher truth about a debacle like that, McKay openly admitted his own error and embarrassment in discussions in the Jesus-Christian forum about the error of thinking we know what is going on as if we are prophets when in fact, we are just human beings guessing. What kind of cult leader would admit he screwed up that badly? McKay never tried to predict anything after that and he warned people off quoting the popular doomsday conspiracy-theorists with exactly that story as his example of the error. What kind of cult-leader would be that brutally honest about his own mistakes?

Birmingham and his active supporters are in fact under investigation for serial stalking. I look forward to the day I announce an arrest in this blog. Susan Smith Summers and Birmingham are at the top of the list with Wendy and Doug Duncan coming close behind for their activities in this country. (The Duncans are some quack therapists who used Birmingham in a attempted shake-down of a homeless shelter in Dallas, Texas a few years ago. Google "Dallas Cult" and their names and you'll see the story. Birmingham aka zeuzsor has their hate videos up in his Youtube channel. They lost that one and now they are partners with Rick Ross, using his forum to stalk members of several innocent groups. The Duncans have social work and therapists' licenses right now but they are likely to lose them because of their joint activities with Birmingham and the Rick A. Ross Institute, which is shunned by more ethical therapists.)

Who knows if the authorities will invest enough energy to also go after the Crofts and Kevin McKay's Australian part of the gang or Malcolm Wrest in Korea? But at least the ones who are active here in North America will face the consequences of what they have been doing to my family and others. What makes them think that when someone's relative gets a phone call from a creep like Brian Birmingham trying to pass himself off as a detective, that relative wouldn't call Birmingham's target up right away after telling Birmingham he has the wrong number? How stupid do they think we are? As stupid as himself and the equally psychotic Rick Ross? Stalking is not the only charge Birmingham will be facing when he is finally arrested. All kinds of impersonation and other charges may easily be added on, and his friends are accessories to the whole scheme.

Those who are not worth chasing down in the eyes of the authorities local to Birmingham and Ross may easily end up in international watch files kept by law enforcement agencies. I wonder how much thought Apollo, bigpigweed, Anita Walker and the others have given to that, as they continue playing this game? How many of them are just naive idiots and not delusional drunks like Susan Smith Summers appears to be? They obviously do not know that once police agencies notice an internet stalking ring, the authorities do not even need to notify the forum admins that all the traffic is being traced to residential addresses of all the people who are participating in Birmingham's data-stalking exchanges, and the email is traced, too.

Nothing online is truly private. That does not mean that abuse of such information is not stalking. Stalking is defined as a series of normally legal actions that add up to intimidation, harassment, and co-ercion or threat against a target. No warrant has to be shown by authorities to the sender of an email in such a case, only to the ISP handling the accounts, and all email is routed through a bare handful of internet junctions, making it very easy for authorities to serve the ISP's with warrants enabling examination of accounts if necessary. (That's one of the things that has Americans worried about the recent threats of our government to "shut down" the internet: they actually could shut down those junctions because those junctions were put there to enable government access to all traffic in the first place.)

Home computers have been subject to back-door searches without any need for the authorities to notify the subject for at least eight years. This is a topic that causes distress to people who value personal freedom precisely because the authorities really do have this capacity and they do use it. I am just pointng this out because I know Birmingham and his delusional cohorts don't care what happens to the useful idiots they entangle in their scheme, but I do care enough about those naive idiots to point it out. I am not interested in seeing relatively innocent people suffer. Birmingham will be arrested, and hopefully Rick Ross with him. Those two already know that they are engaged in criminal acts and nothing I am saying here will hinder any investigation.

The other useful-idiots who do not see why they are being fooled into believing Dave Mckay was another "Jim Jones" need to think about what they really are doing, attacking crazy old ladies and innocent young men and women who chose a path different from their own, and now extending their assaults beyond the disbanding of a group to hunt the individuals as if they are animals. Apollo and the others will not have even the flimsy "cult" excuse as a defense if they are charged as accessories to a whole series of prosecutions for stalking, attempted or actual extortion, threats and intimidation of individuals and our relatives and colleagues. All participants in those hate-sites are accessories to the money Birmingham and Ross are paid by frightened families and others who can also bring charges of extortion and harassment against them once they see the extent to which they have been deliberately deceived and their relationships manipulated.

Many people do indeed join small religious communities as a compensation for highly abusive families, too. Consider what you are doing when you try to force adults in their 30's to leave such communities and reconnect with their abusers. Only abusive families hire people like Rick Ross to stalk their adult children.

And how can Rick Ross explain that if indeed his worst accusations against Dave McKay were true, that McKay gets money from the donation of someone else's kidney?! Wouldn't there be an investigation of any surgeon or hospital that would co-operate with such a scheme? After all, Rick Ross is actually describing sale of organs, not donation, and third-party involvement, besides: very easily prosecuted as a very major crime if it were true. The Jesus-Christians, after all, are publicly visible in their music videos and missionary documentaries, both before and after any of them have donated an organ. Are we to believe there is no whistle-blowing nurse in such a huge crime as Rick Ross Institute has described in its libelous threads? How outrageously evil can the Birmingham/Ross stalker ring get, now that they have set things up so that no church group dares offer support to people in medical need if the felon Rick A. Ross and his mentally-ill cohorts are not made privy to all the arrangements!

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