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RRI Maintains Vigilante Hate Team In Spite Of JC's Disbanding

(Please note: the "rickross.com" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "culteducation.com" forum)

Just in case you think I exagerate about the predatory stalking activity of Rick Ross and his associates, especially Brian Birmingham, please note this quote from today's postings (Nov. 10th) by Brian Birmingham as "zeuzsor" in the RRI forum:

"We might have to organize a "spot a 'disbanded' JC member" competition!"

And this, from October 22, 2010:

"The whole point of collecting information on who is who in term of participants on this thread, is because there are potential witnesses to alleged crimes committed by the cult. Also X-members were obviously a part of JC history. It is important for certain agencies to get a background of the group's history and know who is who, and whether they still support or don't support the JC. Also, how they might be contacted. When you look at an organized crime investigation, you include all known associates. It is standard practice. Things like birthdates are just standard identifiers.

This isn't Facebook, and I don't do this for "fun." I am trying to help stop McKay from hurting more kids and their families, and it's not just some hobby to me, either."

Brian Birmingham is right. This is not some hobby to him. It is a sick obsession. He makes it very clear that innocent people who stumble across the RRI forum in google etc are subjected to unauthorized and unprofessional "background checks" by him and his fellow fake investigators. All such participants then are subjected to varying degrees of offers they had better not refuse. I was one such, and my background in curriculum design and as a consultant to a professional police educational group in Massachusetts became visible to RRI. When I refused to donate my services to their extortion ring, Brian Birmingham threatened me with the obitiuary of a murder victim named Immette St Gullen.

A Digression

Immette was a high school student at one of the workshops taught by one of my colleagues in the police group before she decided to major in Criminal Justice. I was a civilian consultant in curriculum standards, but my colleague, the late Capt. Tom White, was a much-loved and admired activist in the criminal cult investigation field. He was trained and certified by the Massachusetts State Police to specialize in animal torture scene analysis and some of those scenes spilled over to child-abuse cases. My work with Capt. White involved analyzing the purpose of some extremely distressing activities. It was not public. Whatever public acclaim was awarded, was awarded to the various lawyers and prosecutors who presented Capt. White's material in their cases. And they won some significant cases with that material.

Brian Birmingham was in Boston, he was (and is) a student at UMass, and he began stalking me and was also stalking my daughter on behalf of the Rick Ross Institute this past summer, insisting that I should help him with his team of vigilantes who were focussed on the Jesus-Christians. He threatened me with that obituary showing that he knew about Capt. White's work and my connection to it.

The Investigators, Extortionists

Brian Birmingham was kicked out of the army while in Iraq for mental issues, he has NO law-enforcement or criminal justice backing, and he has bragged of illegally accessing Macleans' Hospital records to find out that a targetted individual was a patient. Brian Birmingham is a criminal stalker, a predator, and a major player in the Rick Ross Institute's extortion business. He was involved with Wendy and Doug Duncan in their anti-cult shakedown of a Dallas homeless shelter, about which they wrote a book ("I Can't Hear God Anymore", http://dallascult.com/  ) claiming that the refusal of a minister to perform their wedding ceremony was proof of cult mind-control and caused severe mental trauma. (really!) Birmingham partnered with the Rick Ross assaults on that shelter simultaneously with his involvement in the assaults on the Jesus-Christians, of which he was never a member.

The Duncans also hunt down and harass members of groups they see as good prospects for providing them with "deprogramming" clients, people who are bullied and coerced into accepting unprofessional and highly biased "therapy" and paying for it. As supported members of the Rick Ross Institute, they are heavily entangled in the entire RRI religious extortion racket. They keep their activities to a separate thread from the Jesus-Christians. They are busy setting precedents for treating habitual readers of online spiritual channelings as "cult victims" in need of their fee-based intervention services. Like Birmingham, the Duncans spend their time in their thread (the one in RRI that attacks "Trumpet Call Online") grooming stalkers, gathering information about past girlfriends, encouraging ex-spouses to obsess and stalk the Duncan's targets, often with implied promises that the alleged "cult" is hiding money that they can get hold of, if "justice" prevails!

Back to the Jesus-Christians

There are few places to communicate about what is really going on with the Jesus-Christians and those others who attack them. There is a large grey area of external friendship and friendly criticism which seems to have been shoved off the field with the closing of the Jesus-Christians' own forum. In spite of the obvious partisanship of the administrators of that forum, they did allow a wide range of discussion, questioning, and criticism to go on.

One of the most constricting factors in any discussion of the Jesus-Christians is the need to avoid saying anything as constructive criticism of the Jesus-Christians because of the way the predators in RRI  and the Croft hate-site would exagerate and twist the remarks all out of proportion, attaching them to legal names that are searchable by google, thus libeling both speaker and subject. Thus Rick Ross enhances the cult-like tendency to isolate, which is how he murdered all those people in Waco. Yes, I say Rick A. Ross murdered the Branch Davidians himself, because he deliberately shoved them into exactly the same kind of isolation and public fear he has tried to cultivate around the Jesus-Christians. In this case, however, I believe all were prepared to avoid the kind of death scene that gives Brian Birmingham and Rick Ross such thrills.

Professional Psychopaths

It is a symptom of their own mental illness, both of those men, that they cannot imagine a group of people who have worked together continuing any kind of useful life as individuals, remaining friendly and supportive to each other in their private off-line lives. Some of them may be returning to the world of 9-5 jobs while others may continue their evangelism or may be joining new communities. Can you imagine if you faced a criminal ring of outsiders who would try to force you to defame your former co-workers of any job you did, as an office worker or a nurse or a tradesman? If upon retirement you would be prevented from sharing any leisuretime with your old colleagues, or in the event of being laid-off, you were required to attack instead of help your fellow unemployed?  It is really no one's business to be threatening any of the Jesus-Christians with stalking, harassment, and intimidation.

RRI targets those who would like to recognize the Jesus Christians' humanity, accepting the same flaws we all share while supporting the perfect dreams we all pursue. RRI denies human status to the Jesus-Christians and any sympathetic observers. But wait, isn't it the mark of a dangerous cult that it reserves for itself alone the right to define who is human and who is not? And what about Cait Croft and Nick Croft, who willingly support and participate in the criminal stalking and intimidation of innocent people who have done no one any harm, some of whom have never even been Jesus Christians?  Isn';t it incredible that a woman like Cait Croft would become a predator, hunting and collecting personal information on strangers in order to utterly disrupt and ruin their lives? 

Isn't it only destructive cults who do that and who control relationships the way Brian Birmingham and his stalker cohorts in RRI do? Cait does not seem to care that she is posting in a criminal ring that thrives on violence when she is posting in RRI.  Everyone who posts in the RRI forum needs to start thinking about how dangerous those people are, along with their obsessed and psychotic supporters like Susan Smith Summers, who has taken to referring to the twenty-fivish young leader of the Jesus-Christian community (such as it was) as "BOY"! Now what white North American does not see the significant level of racist vicious hate the RRI cult is engaging in, when they start attacking an African-American man with that word?

Cait Croft is openly supporting a man who posts about his drug and drinking abuse. He invites people to use "ganja" and he brags about drinking "Four Loko" to the point of passing out while obsessing on continuous re-plays of videos he has made of Dave McKay, in which he fantasizes about the man!

Cait Croft attempts to disploay herself as a concerned parent, but look at what she is partnered with!  It is sickening, truly sickening that these people are able to deswtroy so many lives. There are actually close to two dozen innocent and decent people living in hiding because of Cait and Nick Croft and the criminal gang they partner with, under Rick Ross's management. It is obvious that both Brian Birmingham and Susan Smith Summers are heavily alcoholic and drug abusing people when reading the posts they leave in the middle of the night, sometimes so drunk that among the strings of expletives they  talk about the person they are attempting to impersonate, forgetting that they are using a profile to impersonate someone else. 

I'd like to point out to anyone reading that I leave the comments open here. I will of course delete trollish posts, but open honest discussion including honest criticism is welcome here. If anyone sees extreme troll posts, please just ignore them or flag them instead of responding. I check a few times a day and I'd rather take the chance of a troll staying up for an hour or two than require pre-approval of posts.

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