Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Super Fraudulent Attacks on my name and being done IN my name

(Please note: the "rickross.com" URL for many of these links is obsolete. The same info can now be found at its new address, the "culteducation.com" forum)

There are numerous postings in many forums going up using my name and referring to this blog but using false links etc and they are trying to discredit me and this blog.

The individuals involved in these attacks include my own family because of my nephew's participation in a double homicide in 1981. That story has been published and republished in attacks on me and was used in attacks on my daughter before she died in 2010. Her death was caused by harassment and terrorization that she was not strong enough to resist. My own family is involved. James Matteau of Westminster Vermont, a Democrat who has worked hard to cover up the "Lenox 7" case, Renee (Lorene) Matteau Burke of Pittsfield, Massachusettsm, Larry Matteau of Vershire, Vermont, the Jacksons of Grafton, Masssachusetts and other members of my family who supported the suppression of evidence in those murder/manslaughter trials in Massachusetts, 1981-1983, are involved. The Rick Ross Institute has been hired by at least one of my relatives to attack me for "breaking ranks". Several licensed social workers as well as fake non-credentialed ones, including Lorene Burke Zeif and one Rose Constapoulos have been involved. Zeif is Renee Burke's daughter and left Catholic Charities in Berkshire County in the 1980's after being found allowing her mother to use her credentials to access information about my family. Loree later converted to Judaism and used her new Jewish identity to continue the attacks while we lived in Great Barrington, where she instigated several mob-style assaults on my daughter by accusing us of "anti-semitism" and that is when Rick Ross Institute was included in the attacks. Our neighbors all along the road at June Mountain were contacted by these "anti-cult" "experts' and it was years before I found out the truth. The Rick Ross people were all over Berkshire County attacking anyone who challenged the corrupti rings there.

I tried hard to get my daughter out of that filthy corrupt state of Massachusetts, but she did not have the strong roots I had in my own Catholic faith and she was too young to see the events that motivated all the family attacks on her. She was horribly andf visciously attacked by Renee Burke and Larry Matteau and others at Renee's house the Thanksgiving after attending a family funeral Larry, who is emotionally disturbed because of all the abuse in our family, admitted he was there but refused to help me get authorities involved. I knew from some conversations with my daughter that she was terrrified. (It took me 35 years to be able to reclaim my faith in spite of the continued filth that infests the Catholic Church. My daughter turned to Kripalu for her own faith and was visciously attacked by Renee as if that were the reason, but indeed the reason was Renee had always threatened me with attacks on my daughter for not co-operating with her, and she carried out those threats more than once, and she had her daughter Lorene Burke Zeif's help more than once.)

My family's influence made our lives into a living hell. My daughter chose to stay in Massachusetts and that is how or why she was killed. Renee Burke wanted her dead. Larry and James Matteau supported Renee in everything she did. Technically, my daughter apparently committed suicide but she was not alone. Her own letter that I read into the video that is under assault by my family and their hirelings shows that several people were "sharing" that letter with my daughter while she was alive and were punishing her for wanting to be in contact with me.

My daughter's death was not a true suicide. That much is obvious.

James Matteau, Larry Matteau, Renee Matteau Burke, these are my brothers and one of my sisters and they have been supporting these recent internet attacks on my daughter's name and on my character and livelihood. That is because they also supported all the attacks on her and on others like her that have turned Massachusetts into a living hell for so many decent, normal young men and women.

Renee Matteau Burke was the secretary to the Jesuit headmaster of the famous Cranwell School in Lenox, Massachusetts before she went on to work closely with Jack Welch in GE during the years of the PCB spills in the Housatonic River and elswhere in Berkshire County.

James Matteau was a selectman in Gill Massachusetts during the above-mentioned murder/manslaughter trials. Our nephew, Joseph Burke, was one of seven young men accused of killing Barry Griffin and Richard Retzel by drowning them in Laurel Lake in Lee, Massachusetts.

I was at the house in Lenox during one of the meeting to discuss what to do to "help" Renee, who called upon everyone she could co-erce for favors. As former secretary to the Jesuit headmaster of Cranwell School, a famous boarding school for the very rich including the Welch and Kennedy familes, Renee's ability to blackmail and export influential people reached even further than her duties at GE Plastics provided.

I refused to co-operate. My daughter was only 6 at the time and became a continuous target of Renee Burke's hatred and abuse. I moved often to try to protect her.

James Matteau's wife took a lesson from Renee. During the trials in Pittsfield, in which Joseph Burke was ordered by my family to stop co-operating with State Police (I witnessed this event) James Matteau moved his career as a state official (he was in charge of programs for the elderly around Greenfield, Massachusetts) from Massachusetts to Vermont where he became chairman of the Windham Commission, oversseing the Yankee Power plant area and many land-use issues throughout Vermont, and his wife became a secretary for a prestigious private boarding school in Vermont.

Lucy Matteau and Renee Matteau Burke have heavily involved in supporting gay political activities and pro-abortion inclusions into the Catholic and other liberal churches in the wake of those trials, and they have been very strong in supporting the tactics of breaking up families of people they perceive as ideologically "different" from themselves. Lucy Matteau has ostracized members of the family if she even suspected we do not sympathize with her gay friends in the Congregational church, where she and James are on the board. James matteau left the Catholic church long ago, as did most of the Matteaus who were witnesses to Renee and Loree's abuse of Catholic connections. That abuse has to be seen as separate from any real belief. Loree converted to Judaism at the drop of a hat in order to marry a Jew in spite of their racism against her own background and Renee never saw the Church as anything more than a convenient social club that she could manipulate against her own family. The horrible assaults on high school students in Pittsfield by the gay militant mobs are among the activities Renee, Lucy, James and Loree supported, especially the developoment of the fine arts as channels for political financial influence. Renee Burke, as one of Jack Welch's key employees at GE, was the liason for many of the donations into the gay feminist militant organizations.

Those murder trials in the 1980's about the drowning of Griffin and Retzel that included her son were completely entangled with the establishment of the grants-non-profit system of money-laundering that uses gay, lesbian and aggressive abortion issues as the tools of emotional attack on any members of the families who present possible threats of exposure.

That is how that Chappaquiddick-like double homicide case was suppressed and the accused were able to walk free.

My daughter was not the only additional casualty of that Massachusetts/Vermont influence-peddling ring.

Beyond this, look at the corruption that surrounded the Catholic Church. Our family was heavily impacted because Renee and the Kennedies and Jack Welch obviously were instrumental alongside many Cahtolic politicvians and government officials in suppressing priestly abuse cases. The Bishops who aided and abbetted the priestly criminals knew they could not challenge the Welches, Kennedies, and others.

Look at all the facts. I will not remove this blog. Everything I say here is fully defensible against any accusations of defamation or libel because I can prove every word is true and indeed, is only part of the full story. It is also easily defended against the accusation that such "dirty laundry" should remain unseen because the success of Renee Matteau Burke and james Matteau's scheming continues to entangle younger people in their criminal circles and continues to endanger those who remain outside that circle. We are looking at one family in the center of the corruption that has ruined Massachusetts and extends into the United States, but it is only one family among many, of course. All of the facts around the drownings of Barry Griffin and Richard Retzel, the subsequent trials, and the development of the money-laundering system in the wake of those trials must be examined if we are ever to recover from this horribly corrupt period of our history.

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